News is forthcoming.

I got a dump of info, so sit back and prepare yourself.

In super limited book news (which may or mayn’t have sold out by the time I post this), after years and years of hoping and praying (and even making an offer at one point to try and figure out how to publish it myself), at long last there is finally a bound edition of Radical Rick;

I was so excited for the order window to open I sat at my computer refreshing the screen for an hour prior. So sure it was going to immediately sell out, I even had Donkelope Greg on his computer as well.

I mistakenly ordered two of the basic books for us, instead for the deluxe (the deluxe comes with decoder cards) and for those who remember, there were always little codes written in the sides next to the panels, (as you can see down below here);

Thankfully Greg is smarter, and got us a couple deluxes.

I guess I first stumbled across His Radness when I was in fifth grade, and was immediately entranced. The storyline, the colors, the protagonists, the antagonists… It had it all. The attentive among us might recall a time about fifteen years ago when I ended up making contact with Radical Rick’s creator and had a less than positive exchange with him (a thing which he reached out to me and apologized for a year ago). To say I’ve eagerly awaited the completion of this anthology would be a huge understatement. I’m beside myself.

If you have a similar penchant, (and as I noted, as long as quantities are still available- As of Saturday there weren’t many left) I suggest you snag one for yourself.

IF you slept through this, as I said, I have two of the basic versions, which I’m happy to sell for what I paid for them.

(*Editor’s note* Between writing everything you just read and publishing it, all the books sold out, including mine, so as it says in the Old Testament, ‘if thou hast snozt, thou hast lost.

Moving on- Besides running Cosmic Dirt, my friend Ashley has recently ventured out into the ice cream biz;

I stopped by for a sampling last week, and I’m hooked. It’s fresh fruit and a dairy or dairy alternative soft serve all mixed together, piled up on a waffle cone, and it’s real good. She’s starting with this cart which is parked at the old town Structures Brewing location in beautiful downtown Bellingham, but she’s said she’s got eventual plans for a brick and mortar location as well.

Unrelated to ice cream OR Radical Rick, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Dave King, artist and photographer extrordinare, who is most commonly (un)known for designing the timeless Crass logo;

Upon further investigation, I concluded that it likely might be that it happens to be the fifth anniversary of his death.

If you’ve not seen the following video summation of him, and his relationship with the band, I encourage it;

He was a super cool guy, and I’m glad his legacy continues.

As we begin to close out today’s effort, I would like to include a message from our frond Laura from Soulrun products in which she details some of her life and times;

Hey Stevil!
Hope all is going well and you’re on the road to healing up! We look forward to riding with you this Spring 🙂 Things are good I’ve been riding mainly my Jah Rastafari Meriwether fat bike, so great exploring all the Sandy trails out here;

The sweatshop is also real good! Our friend Stu from Relish Studio made several Moab inspired designs for us and they turned out lovely. I donated a bunch of these to our local dog rescue out here called Underdog Rescue (they help adopt reservation dogs.);

They’ve got a lot of beautiful pups available if any of your friends are looking for a best friend 🐾❤️

Ok, take good care Stevil and we can’t wait to see you!🤗👀

Much appreciated,

It’s always good to hear from Laura, and I’m glad she’s keeping on with the good work.

Finally, as I often do, I would like to present the brand newest episode of Revolting;

I can’t make any promises, but I would guess somewhere in today’s effort there was some news you could’ve used.

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2 Responses to “News is forthcoming.”

  1. Brad Religion October 26, 2023 at 7:25 am #

    If I may share some posi vibes for a second… This blog and the podcast are bright spots in my week. Laughing to the point of tears at you & Robot cracking each other up is so good. Also, the Foo Fighters are Nickleback with a slightly better sense of humor, and I don’t understand how anyone listens to that tripe or takes any of it seriously.

    • Stevil October 26, 2023 at 5:52 pm #

      Thank you. That feels really good to hear.

      Also, I would rather listen to Nickleback all day long over the Poo Biters.