What’s up dingdongs?

I blew it, mis-scheduled my last week and didn’t get a proper post written before beating feet to Sandy Aygo (German for Whale’s Vagina, I hear) where, incidentally, ‘Three’s Company’ was NOT supposed to have taken place.

One thing I need to state is that the order window for the new Hessian Obsession shirt closes tomorrow morning;

Want one? Get one? Don’t want one? Don’t get one.

Want one but don’t get one? Tough shit.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

Moving along… I guess as long as I’m currently sitting and wasting away in the Oakland airport;

I might as well take the opportunity to include in today’s post a little love note I got from Kate up there (it will be ‘down there‘ by the time you read this) at our friends Portland Design Works about some new doings they have cooking right meow;

Hey Stevil. How ya doin? Possibly on your way to frosty Homie?! No antics for me this year out in Minne, just slingin’ fenders and ridin’ in the rain. Maybe next year, we’ll see.

Hey, we’re launching some new baskets as part of our Timber to Town collection;

They’re really sweet, definitely nice and durable compared to a Wald. I swapped mine over in July and I can’t say enough good things about it. We’d love to get you one to test out if you’re interested. Black metal perhaps!? Just let us know what size, and we’ll get it on its way.


Those who pay attention might recall when I got my last PDW basket, and I love it the most;

I don’t know what I’d do with another one… Put it in my current one maybe? Have a contest? Both? I’ll figure it out when I gotta.

Speaking of contests, Donal recently uncovered, and subsequently sent me three original issue Roach stem pads, and I’m thinking about a contest for those as well;

Because I only hoard the finest of fineries, I also have a batch of navy blue OG ones as well.

If anybody can think of a contest that’s worthy of such items, hit up on the old megaphone. Otherwise I’ll just keep them because nobody understands cool anymore anyway.

So anyhüdy, even though I don’t really have a proper post today, I do have the 100th episode of Revolting for you right here, which ain’t not nothin’;

And yes, I realize I said ‘Capsian’, and not ‘Caspian’, as well as a number of other mistakes. If you don’t yet understand that nine out of ten toys my mouth moves faster than my brain, then maybe you’re denser than I am.

-Unless I forget again, or find something better to do, I’ll likely have a full update of the recent comings and goings next week, so for now, and just between the two of us, I guess it’s pretty clear who the real ding dong is, and it sure ain’t me.

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