Isolation nation.

Here we are at another week’s head, preparing to put a bag over it. Thank you and let’s go.

Firstly I would like to briefly address a recent IG post from my former boss, Rob Roskopp.

Those in the know, know exactly what and who he’s referencing, so I will refrain from elaborating on his words, but I was pleased as punch to see that Chef Rob is finally cooking up some spicy meatballs;

I’ve always liked Rob, and have appreciated him as a business person, as well as a friend. A not-insignificant fun fact is that after management invited me to no longer work at Swobo, he generously gave me the computer I used for HTATBL, so that I could launch this very site. The dude is true blue, and I have his back just as he’s always had mine. I hate seeing Santa Cruz slip towards being the new Specialized, but current management will do what current management will do. As Rob’s partner noted in that particular comment thread, “when people see the real truth – SCB will be looked at differently“.

Yikes. I myself might even need some cream for those burns.

Sometimes it’s a real drag to take a peek behind the curtain, but it certainly lets you know which companies you’ll wanna support.

Moving on- Just as we’ve done the last several years, over there at the world famous Cabin Tavern this coming weekend we’re gonna have one of them market place deals;

I’ll be posted up front with a stash of goods, and a beer in my hand.

I think last year it was snowing, and it was too cold to hang out outside, and it was too crowded inside so I sat at the bar and got hammered.

I’m nothing if not a flawlessly skilled business man.

Speaking of which, did you know that one of the primary ways I keep the lights on here is with product sales? As I’ve said for years, as soon as I sell a million and a half stickers I will be a millionaire. (My math’s a little iffy on that one). But, if you find that you might be looking to stuff a stocking this holiday season (or you’re like me and continue to wage war on Christmas, and you just want to support the world’s worst best bike blog, head over to the All Hail The Black Market market and buy some junk. I have everything from key leashes, to records, to hats, to other kinds of hats, and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten about.

As always, thank you for your time and consideration on this matter ad D.F.T.S.I.

Real quick, and speaking of mercy… I have an admission I need to make regarding the new Hessian Ts;

I was operating on the understanding that based on the fact I was sent an invoice on the 27th, the shirts were done, due to the fact that’s how it’s worked with my screen printer in the past.

However I now know that the invoice was for a deposit simply so they could purchase the shirts to begin with.

Believe me when I say I freaked out a bit, but I’ve been assured the order’s been expedited, and I promise I will get the goods shipped the second they land. I’m super sorry about the lag. I’d say I put my best people on it if I had any, but you’re stuck with me.

Now, lastly before I go I would like top present one of the most challenging episodes of Revolting yet, number one hundred and six;

It wasn’t challenging due to the content discussed, but rather due to the fact that Boston area leaf blower operators were out to get us during recording, and then because the technological gremlins saw it for to keep me from sending my file into get mixed. It was an uphill battle, but because we’re stubborn, we kept after it.

Eventually we emerged the victors, and because of this, we can all live another day happily isolated in a bag of our making.

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  1. Jimmy Riggs December 12, 2023 at 12:20 pm #

    As penance for effing up the shirt order, I say you have to keep making cool art and content for us. That’ll teach you a lesson!