Tomorrow’s news, yesterday.

If ever there was a cut rate clearing house of misinformation, it would be this very site, and with that in m ind, I should put my upcoming show right here in the front and center;

This is a local soft opening for the body of work I’ve been laboring over for the last eight months, which officially is set to open in Portland on June first.

I hadn’t planned on doing anything in the ‘Ham, but Sharon Kingston very generously offered up her walls to me for a two week run. If you’re out and about in these parts, feel free to swing through the reception this coming Friday. If that doesn’t work for your schedule, hit me up and we can schedule a gallery visit almost any other time.

This will be the first solo show I’ve had in a decade, and it’s for a body of work I’ve been contemplating for at least that long so I’m pretty psyched to finally shake out the proverbial sheets.

Moving along- It’s my distinct honor to mention that after weeks off the bike I finally got out and after it yesterday, and aside from wanting to barf up both of my lungs, it felt really good;

My 30 year old me is shaking his head in severe disappointment at my lack of fitness, but I still could whup up on most average turds my age so I’ll consider it a win.

Unrelated to any of that, I’d like to shine a spotlight on the new High On Fire single ‘Cometh The Storm’;

It might come as a surprise that Matt Pike has lost a ton of weight off his body which is real good, but it might not come as a surprise that he still never wears a shirt to cover any of it;

If you haven’t picked up the new slab, I highly recommend it;

She’s a beaut, Clark;

At this point in today’s effort, it’s time to pull the ripcord, and as it gracefully drifts back to earth, we can get into the 125th episode of Revolting;

Obviously we didn’t cover the topic we thought we would, which absolutely tracks when covering last week’s news next week, or possibly the week after that.

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