AHTBM/Matt Loomis Meowcifer deck.


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Two years ago I came up with a graphic idea for the fifth forth All Hail The Black Market skateboard deck, and man, I tell you, that concept morphed, and twisted in the wind until it was barely recognizable from the initial concept. Finally, when I was at long last ready to pull the proverbial trigger, I brought artist to the stars, Mr. Matt Loomis on board (no pun intended), and together we hammered out what I’d envisioned so long before.

It’s a visual representation of a phrase I’ve grown to love- ‘Do No Harm, But Take No Shit.

To put it another way, be a sweet human, but always be ready to cut a fool.

And whatever you do, don’t park past spot 313.

Measurements- 9” wide, 32.25” long, 14 11/16″ wheelbase, 6.9″ nose, and 6.5″ tail.