MDC/Downie the clown deck. SALE


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In order to make room for the next deck, I gotta clear these the hell out.

Brand new for ’22, we have the marginally anticipated Downie The Clown curb, ditch, and pool tool. With graphics done by my very own hand, fifteen year old me is positively giddy. Buy one as a curb banger, and another as a wall hanger. Based on the astronomical prices original issue decks are currently going for, this one is sure to at least double in price in the next twenty years.

Speaking of which, due to supply chain issues, and material shortages resulting in increase costs to me, I had to raise prices by fifteen dollars. I’m a total dick. I’m truly sorry.

Measurements- 9” wide, 32.25” long, 14 11/16″ wheelbase, 6.9″ nose, and 6.5″ tail.

*Gigantic red shoes not included.