Leave room for seconds.

Considering that this site has been fairly well balled up with specific lines of thought over the course of the last week or so, I figure now might be as good a time as any to barf up an assortment of correspondences, images, and ruminations.
Pass your plate to the left and I’ll be happy to pile it high with nonsense.

Yuri sent me the following image of his newly reclaimed love;
I suspect he’s holding himself like a fourteen year old in health class to hide his appreciation of said buckle.
Speaking of which, El Capitán Pirata forwarded me the following image that is a perfect visual description of Hessian Obsession;
Wes sent me this photo of one of his uncles back in the day.
“I think this might be the coolest uncle in all the land…”

And speaking of, speaking of which, today marks the date that is a mere eighteen days away until the order deadline on The Smokey and The Bandit replica wool jersey;
Mark my words, this is the last time I mention it until next week.
And as long as I’m trying to pay rent here, don’t neglect your chance to dress to impress;
If it’s good enough for B-Rad, then by god, it’s good enough for you.
In news of other things you can throw your money at in order to guarantee your position at the front of the fashion pack, The Diamond Wizard from Maximo Supremo residents, Planet Bike got in touch with a bit of info regarding the something fancy they soon have coming down the pipe;
“Our new Grasshopper fenders are made from fast growing Moso Bamboo. They keep you dry while making your bicycling adventures even more sustainable. In our minds, they’re the best softcore Monocot fenders on the planet.”
The pertinent info on these, if you happen to be interested, is that they are scheduled to land April 15th, and should fall in around $130.00 a set.
Put those on your Boo, and you’ll be like a environmentally conscious, yet panda hating Too Short.
In another section of the advertiser’s sidebar, Dan from a place called The Nashville Bicycle Lounge has hemmed and hawed and finally stepped up to the world class league of Maximo Supremo. It’s a pretty bad ass spot and he is a great fellow.
Should you be in the neighborhood, or just passing through town, do yourself a favor and make a note to stop in. Think of The Lounge like a safe house for dirtbags.
Welcome aboard Dan, and I can only say I hope I don’t fail you.
In other news, Evan from the East Bay Rally Cat got in touch with information regarding the event’s postponement;
“Thanks again for coming through with support for the Rally Cat this year. Due to all the rain we’ve been hammered with, I’ve decided to postpone the Rally Cat to let the trails dry out and to figure out other logistics for the event. The new date is set for Saturday, April 16.
I apologize for causing any inconvenience here and I’ll get in touch with you when the event gets closer.

In all honesty, I was set to give Evan a rash of grief about not having the race due to rain, but I certainly appreciate his diligence and concern in taking care of the trails, so said rash will have to wait and be directed elsewhere.
Of course rain or no rain, the previously mentioned Routa Libera custom bike show is still set to go off regardless;
I’d mentioned last week that PAUL had something special in store, which for now is going to be temporarily put on hold, but a suitable replacement will be available for view on a really exciting new addition to the already staggering line of Ventana bicycles.
As a matter of fact, my waining artistic talents have even been brought into play on this project, which I will attempt to document with fervor, if only to prove to my parents that an art school education wasn’t a total waste of money.
I suspect however that that particular ship has long since sailed.
Over there in Portland East, Hurl Kept me up to date on a goings on in their neck of the woods;
The Slick 50.. Guaranteed to have 35,000 feet of climbing though the scenic Minnesota Alps.
Here is a clip that has been floating around for a bit but perhaps you’ve not seen it;

And note the guy killing it at 34 seconds… It reminds me of a particular Sea Otter race fifteen years ago or there about. The course featured a particularly treacherous stretch called the ‘Power Post Extreme Section’ which consisted of a steep 60 yard long rutted out descent with four consecutive and considerably high step downs, concluding with a tight right hander, all covered in piles of loose duff. Most people had little problem carefully navigating the entire section, but those who could not, created an absolute minefield for anyone else who was attempting it. In the midst of the most frenzied I had seen this particular section, along comes a guy named Leroy Zampa riding this cobbled together single speed cross bike. Bodies and bikes are littered all over the course, and without ever even touching his brakes, Leroy floats though, slaloming around the carnage and stylishly airing over each of the four steps, finally concluding in a foot dragging rear wheel drift around the right hander that would have made Harry Leary blush with pride.
The crowd absolutely erupted in deafening approval as Leroy disappeared in a cloud of dust.
There were photographers in abundance and even reports of video footage of the afternoon, but try as I might, I’ve yet to uncover even a scrap.
Everyone has a handful of memories of the raddest things they’ve ever seen done on a bike, and I was lucky to be witness to this, thereby providing me with one of my own.
It’s with that that I conclude today’s serving of nonsense. Plates have been cleaned, leftovers stored, and antacids eaten. Until Monday.

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6 Responses to “Leave room for seconds.”

  1. Caroline Paquette March 18, 2011 at 8:31 am #

    That last video cracked me up. What I want to know is why are so many people who obviously have no MTB skills trying that descent? Is there a ridiculously awesome prize? Wonder what the mortality rate is.
    PS the jersey is r-a-d.

  2. Jim March 18, 2011 at 8:46 am #

    Caroline’s got a point about non-skill-havin’ people. Still, that’s a brimming flagon of Win right there. Why are there no asses off the back seat w/t knees gripping the saddle? That’s an admittedly steep hill, but it would be easier with less front brake there people! The guy who shoots straight down the hill off the course in front of his bike, rolls in front of the bike (then doing an extended ghost ride nose wheelie) only to stand up and catch the bike may be a winner, though the guy who rails it totally out of control at around 2:01 is also a winner.

  3. bobby diesel March 18, 2011 at 9:14 am #

    Great to see Zack Galifianakis hanging out at a bonfire with common folk.

  4. curtis March 18, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    As a resident expert of all things inconsequential, I feel it necessary to inform you that pandas actually eat the shoots and leaves of bamboo, not the mature canes that are used for those fenders.
    Actually, thinning bamboo forests promotes new growth so the pandas are probably pretty stoked (as stoked as pandas get, they seem rather docile) that they get the chance to much on tons of new shoots after things are cut back.
    If you cut a third of the canes down in a bamboo forest, they’ll all grow back in about a year. If you cut down a third of the old growth redwoods in a forest, they’ll feature you in a reality show on the Discovery Channel.

  5. Nick Frey March 22, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    If you’re losing sleep at night worrying about those beloved Pandas, and Curtis’ wise-but-little-known clarification does not help, I’ll be happy to donate $10 of the profit from your Boo purchase to Bono’s Save the Pandas fund.

  6. Duncan March 22, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    I’ve got to echo the first two comments…because I’m incapable of independent thought. Admittedly, most of those folks had hardtails, but all the more reason they should learn a little bike control. They descend like, well, cross country racers. Cat 3 cross country racers. Seat two feet high, body over the steerer tube instead of the back seat, and a hand full of front break just in case. Which is to say, they descend in the exact same position as they climb. Fuckin’ fitness boners–learn to ride or take up ThaiBo. Or get an exercycle.