This is a bicycle machine related website.

Therefore we should discuss aspects relating to riding of said bicycle machines.

Why not embark on our bicycle machine discussion with a challenge for both body and mind that GenO sent me;
Barbie likes to get rad.
It’s because of this game that I haven’t slept a wink in three days. If you can beat my top score 78,000, I owe you a Coke.
Speaking of GenO, he has moved on from humble bike shop proprietor to bonafide television star in this series that MPLS.TV has launched;

My man oozes carisma. Long time fans of all things Portland East might also recognize the graphics that were contributed to the project by one Roger Lootine of Residue Comics fame. In an ironic turn, about the same time that this clip crossed my radar, young spitfire and gal around town Jenn Gallup got ahold of me and noted that X-Large had made the shameful affront of stealing some of Roger’s work for their own purposes by using his trademark character ‘Chump’ on a line of t-shirts;
In no way, shape or form is stealing someone’s artwork an alright thing to do. If you feeling like stopping by their corner of the web and giving them a bit of what for, by all means do.
Contact X-Large
Phone: (323) 666-3483
Address: 1768 N Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Oh, I should also mention that Gene left his bike at my house after the 2009 SSWC. It’s been stinking up the joint for almost three years, so in a fit of OCD inspired organization recently, I pulled the old girl down from her hook and gave her a good scrubbins;
The dirt that was on the bike had covered it for so long it had actually become a part of the bike’s shell.. Something like a scab, but with ample soapy water, and a bit of citrus degreaser, I finally got it back to looking less like one of Gene’s bikes, and more like one of my own, which at this point it pretty much is. That is unless I find the highest bidder;
And that’s not to say a bidder who is really high.
Getting back to business now.. Amanda from Twenty First Avenue Bikes in Minneapolis West and I were exchanging some jibs and jabs recently when she asked if I had seen her shop’s latest video effort;

Indeed I had, as every time one of these is released, the interwebs light up with a flurry of activity. She noted that I was in tune with the universe, to which I enthusiastically agreed, but let go of one of my closeted skeletons upon the admission that it wasn’t until At The Drive released their seminal album ‘Relationship Command’ in 2000 that I had actually heard of them.
How a band like this could have flown under my radar with two previous full length albums was beyond me, and I knew at that point that I had some catching up to do.

In my defense, I had spent that summer on the road piloting the Tioga black bomber with this man;
Photo courtesy Surly Bikes.
So the fact that I even retuned back home with my life was something of a miracle. Scouring record stores to keep on top of what was new and cool was the least of my worries.
But long after ATDI had broken up and reunited as prog-rock darlings The Mars Volta, lookie who was stopping through OneOnOne to pick up his own bicycle machine;
But I digress. While we are still marginally on the topic of Minneapolis West, Tony from Pereira Cycles got in touch with another heads up for a friend in need;
It’s been a while…hope you are well. I’m writing to ask a favor. One of my best friends has the evilfuckingcancer. A bunch of us are throwing a big fundraiser on Saturday in Salt Lake. We are also promoting a raffle for one of my bikes. We’ve got full component sponsorship and it is totally decked out. Raffle also includes airfare to come visit me for fitting, hotel accommodations and a couple of meals at Portland restaurants. Could you help blow it up on your site? I’ve attached a “flyer”;
Saturday’s event info.
Raffle tickets here.
Thanks in advance. Jeff is an awesome member of the bike community and needs our help.

If you might like to help out by spreading the word on your own blurgs or what have you, I have the larger format flyer available for consumption here.
Now, in a final push, I have an equally disheartening bit of news that was sent to me by Martin.
“Hey Senor Stevil (how do I make an “En-Yay” out of the “n”?),
My good pal and long-time co-worker Tyler Larsen from my days at Solano Cyclery, turned me onto your site and I must say I am always entertained, so thank you.
I was hoping you can post the attached in the news section. It has nothing to do with fire and afros, rock bands with hairy chests, or Swiss Army knives with assault rifles connected to them, but if there’s a place to squeeze it in, well, that would be dandy. It’s info about some eBay benefit auctions for Tyler Blick (son of Steve Blick of Oakley) who is 5 years old and has been diagnosed with Leukemia;
Old school BMXer Mike Buff is putting on the auctions starting May 27th and all proceeds will go to help Tyler. Almost all the items are cool old BMX memorabilia that has been signed by guys like Mike Buff, Stu Thomson, Bob Osborn, Bob Haro, Jeff Kosmala, etc;
I’m helping Mike get the message out to as many people as possible, so if it’s something you can post we’d appreciate it. If not, I understand and hold no ill will towards you or your wonderful words of awesomeness.
Thanks man!”

Included in the information that Martin sent me about this was this bit for anyone who was interested in learning more about the auction, or who might possibly want to donate;
Please contact:
Mike Buff or
Three calls to arms for comrades with bad illnesses in two posts. Though I am certainly more than happy to assist in any way that I can, I wish it wasn’t necessary, and it absolutely breaks my heart that it is.
While it is certainly a bummer way to cap off what originally started as a lighthearted tryst down a path of nonsense, it only further proves that even though none of us can do the things that Barbie does while riding an ill suited bike with tassels and wearing leather pumps and bell bottoms, we all still reside in the same clan, and looking out for each other is best left to all of us.

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  1. FunkyLaneO April 29, 2011 at 9:06 am #

    Here is the old school DOS way to do it, it still works with Windows:
    Hold down the alt key and type 164 (165 for a capital) on the number pad (not the numbers on the top row) then release the alt key. presto an enyay appears!

  2. Chezedog April 29, 2011 at 9:46 am #

    On a Mac it’s:
    option + n n

  3. a April 29, 2011 at 10:11 am #

    Stealing artwork and selling it is illegal. Roger should lawyer up. Or at least threaten to if they don’t give him a cut of profits.

  4. Scooper April 29, 2011 at 2:14 pm #

    Fuck cancer!

  5. james April 29, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    I hate you. Because I love that Barbie game.

  6. pablo picnostrel April 30, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    Seems like stealing logos was always xlarge’s M.O., starting with the beloved Ben Davis ape.