Hugs, drugs and a mention of bed bugs.

It occurred to me some time recently that I have sorely neglected the mail bag since my return from San Diego. I suppose with that realization it’s only right to shake the sheets and see what’s been hiding in the proverbial folds.

First up, Jimmy gave me a shout to let us know of an event he’s got cooking in just one week’s time;
With a promise of good times and barfing, you’d be a fool not to attend.
From Tina B. I got a request for a friend in need;
“Hey there,
Care to share this info for me in your blogosphere? He’s an old friend/roommate and part of the original fbm crew.”

So the short version is that earlier this month Mike was diagnosed with Stage ll Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He, like 94.8 trillion other Americans has no insurance, and while he’s going through treatment, obviously cannot work. While the BMX community certainly has Mike’s back, I am here to raise the flag for the dirtbag community as a call to arms.
If even a thousand of us chipped in only ten dollars each, he would be looking at a cool ten grand, which would certainly go a long way in assisting him with his payments. Please take a moment and read up on the situation, then log in and to toss him a few bucks.

There is a kinship between the Black Market family and the Fat Bald Men, and I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot, they would do the same for us.

In other news from around the way, homie from the Right Coast Squid, came through with some information about the goings on in his corner of the world;
“Stevil- Happy New Year Holmes! Hope this note finds you well : )
I am doing it again, hitting up Detroit’s Dorais Velodrome this year!
Wanted to keep you in the loop, attached is an eposter.
Check the site.
Also disorganizing a Fun Ride in NY the evening of July 2
If you hit the east coast this year let’s grab beers for sure.

I’ve said it before, but that Squid is one of the hardest working people in the trenches. If you happen to reside in or around D-Town, Chi-Town, or NYC-Town, roll through and take part.
In the world of High Art, Low Art and those of us who reside somewhere in the middle, Brian Vernor got in touch with some information for anyone who thinks Jeff Koons is a maestro with a shovel and his seemingly bottomless pile of B.S.;
seeing as you have immense experience in the fine art world of galleries, museums, and personal collections, I thought of you when i saw this.

“The game is set in a large museum during a Jeff Koons retrospective. The viewer is given a rocket launcher and the choice to destroy any of the work displayed in the gallery. If nothing is destroyed the player is allowed to look around for a couple of minutes and then the game ends. However, if one or more pieces are destroyed, an animated model of Jeff Koons walks out and chastises the viewer for annihilating his art. He then sends guards to kill the player. If the player survives this round then he or she is afforded the ability to enter a room where waves of curators, lawyers, assistants, and guards spawn until the player is dead. In the end, the game is unwinnable, and acts as a comment on the fine art studio system, museum culture, art and commerce, hierarchical power structures, and the destructive tendencies of gallery goers, to name a few.”

I’ve never fancied myself as much of a gamer, and I have my dad’s refusal to buy me an Atari when I was in the fifth grade to thank for that. That said, I would happily while away the hours with this particular game, as I think Koons embodies nearly everything that is wrong with the art world.
As a matter of fact, this past Sunday I was watching a piece on 60 Minutes about Los Angeles philanthropist Eli Broad, and while his efforts within the educational system and network of cultural centers is certainly admirable, and worthy of the utmost respect, the scenes shot with a seemingly coattail riding and insufferably pompous Koons were intolerable. A rocket launcher would be the least of my arsenal, if given the chance.
To counter even the mention of Jeff Koons, Craig from Rainy Day Designs luckily came through with some art that most definitely doesn’t suck;
“I thought you may like.”
02 Maria, I still love you -in collaboration with Parisko- ink,acrylic,fabric,rhinestone on paper on wall Oct 2009.jpg
“Maria, I still love you.” 2009
I do. I really, really do. Not to mention that it washed the bitter taste of a whole lot of contrived, conceptual nonsense out of my mouth.
In a random burst of.. Um.. randomness, resident of Bouldercoloradowheretheytakecyclocrossseriously, Dave Pike barfed up an email chock full of whatnot;
“Just got back from a mission to get the Colt Seavers quasi-replica some 33” tires. Not up to Seavers spec, as his were likely 35″+, but with dead-dinosaur prices and all…
Finally actually raining here on the Front Range right now. Like god-damn manna from heaven. Saw the Metalliance tour a couple weeks back. Red Fang and Helmet were ruling. Them Red Fang fella’s sure are nice boys.
Attached are multiple moments of Zen. The black widow is in a jar right next to me. Overdue for a feeding. Mofo was walking right across my living room.
Holy tomoly.jpg
Black Widow 1.jpg

In response I can only say that yes, the fellas from Red Fang are indeed salt of the earth types, and conclude with that someone should tell that lady she’s not wearing clothing which would be safe for motorcycle riding.
Before we part ways I suppose I should include something specifically related to bicycle news, as today’s post really has contained very little. Jeff from Maximo Supremo residents All City seem to be turning out something new and cool at every turn. The latest offering is an item near and dear to my heart with their ‘Sheriff Star’ hubs;
I certainly don’t need ’em, but I sure as hell want ’em.
It is with that, that I suspect your attention span might be waning. The sheets are shaken, and nearly all fodder has fallen easily to the floor. Now all I have to do is figure out how to entertain two gigantic bed bugs for the afternoon.

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8 Responses to “Hugs, drugs and a mention of bed bugs.”

  1. Case April 27, 2011 at 6:53 am #

    Kinda stoked that one of my TMKH stickers is front and center on the Velocity e-poster, and on a Team Murder bike too. W00t! Also, I love Jeff Koons! xoxoxo Matt 🙂

  2. Squid April 27, 2011 at 7:52 am #


  3. km April 27, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    Wicked Widow! That one must be feasting in your abode to get that big.

  4. DP April 27, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

    Surprised the cat didn’t tussle with that thing somewhere along the way. Widow is even bigger now. Same jar + 1.25″ centipede. Widow = 1, centipede = 0.
    And for the record, I may live in Boulder, but I do not take cyclocross seriously. I only run when I’m late for the bus.

  5. C Bisskit April 28, 2011 at 9:36 am #

    I wish the HFF would come back. I do enjoy riding in the woods, but I miss the random durby in route to the undisclosed meeting point.

  6. Hairpie April 28, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    Koons owes his fame to late 80’s art magazine hype

  7. Stevil April 28, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    He’s no better than Julian Schnabel. Screw those guys. ‘Important works’ my ass.

  8. Kzastle April 28, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    Post about Koons made my day. He is the bane of true expression.