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Foot loose and fancy free.

Since I wasn’t able to get through a few pending correspondences in Wednesday’s post, I will attempt to take up the slack and present them here.
First up, El Gato made contact with some news that is part awesome, part totally not awesome, and I have to believe part hoax;
No Wizard Staff event is complete with out a scientifically derived Turd Burger;
I think if we all build a shoulder high staff, we could probably handle one of these babies!
El Gato”

A suitable accompaniment for that story of course would be the seminal hit ‘Hamburger Martyr’ from Wisconsin’s own Killdozer. (Don’t press play of you are at work, church, near your kids, or have delicate sensibilities):

In the late ’80s the University of Colorado in Boulder (where they take cyclocross seriously) had a college operated radio station called KGNU. On Saturday nights from ten to midnight a DJ named ‘Vanzetti’ ran a show of punk rock music called ‘Smash It Up’.
One winter’s evening Pentabike Dave and I went to the station to hang out, peruse their record collection, and play some songs. After playing ‘Hamburger Martyr’ and having the station manager come up and give us stern looks, we took TSOL’s crap foré into the realm of hair metal and broke it on the air;
Ah to be young and… Well.. that’s pretty much all I’ve got.
‘Ah, to be young.’
A couple of weeks ago you might recall the bit that I posted about Project Bike Trip;

Director Katie came though with a bit more information on various events they have planned to assist in keeping the home fires burning;
“Hey Stevil,
If you are so inclined to spread the word, which I hope you are, here’s the link to the Mega Raffle that we’re doing;
It’s in conjunction with the beer and film event, but you don’t have to be present at the event to win the bike. So people should buy the shit out of the tickets!

I have a physiological predisposition to not win raffles, races, or really prizes of any kind, but that’s not gonna stop me from throwing a couple buck at their cause. They’re good people, and I believe in what they’re doing. If you have an extra five spot, throw it in their hat.
Do it for.. You know.. The kids.
Having nothing to do with much, Gregory came through with a heads up and a high five;
“Hi Stevil,
Your blog has been a great daily read and a source of inspiration, I was hoping you could post some cycling related products I recently designed.
I just got a bunch of new cycling kits I designed back from SQUADRA and took photos this weekend. The GNARLUBE outfits were a limited production but I still have socks and t-shirts if your
interested…send me your addy.
You can have a look at them here.
I also got four new cycling outfits that I designed from another manufacturer today, not the actual clothing but photos, they are here.
On my FLICKR page there is a BIKE JOURNAL that I just did for Chronicle books that uses almost the same art I designed for the BIKE SNOB book.

Gregory appears to be a bit of a machine, which only means one thing.. If you have any books or kits you need help in designing, send him an email. He obviously has energy to burn.
Finally in closing, Captain Dave contacted me with a flyer for a throw down up Northward in Minneapolis West;
Speed Never Sleeps600.jpg
PDXers, mark thy calendars.
Also don’t forget, (not that you could) this weekend is gonna get damn wizardy;
Waking up on Sunday, we all assuredly will be on the same page, which of course is both green like Kermit, and naked like Fozzie, save for a tie and a hat.
If we’re lucky.

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9 Responses to “Moving right along”

  1. Gold June 24, 2011 at 7:45 am #

    Way to nail three bands from my past:
    Muppets- childhood (& in one song, adulthood. Long story)
    TSOL- middle school
    Killdozer- HS and onward.
    Wonder how many others just had a whoa moment.

  2. Troy B. June 24, 2011 at 8:09 am #

    Great to see Project Bike Trip alive and doing very well.

  3. steven June 24, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    You went to boulder in the late 80s? The plot thickens. My first week in colorado, fall of 89, I went to see Killdozer at the VFW in Ft. Collins. I moved from New York so Colorado was weird enough before going to a killdozer show at the VFW. Great Cesar’s Ghost opened — who were no Scratch Acid, btw — and Killdozer got two songs in before the cops shut it down halfway through American Pie. Good Times.

  4. Lucky June 24, 2011 at 8:58 am #

    KGNU is still going strong. It is the only radio I listen to. I don’t think Vanzetti is DJing any more though. Too bad, sounds cool.
    Lucky in Denver

  5. Stevil June 24, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    I grew up not far from there.. I ‘went’ to Boulder in that I would go there and hang out, or occasionally get arrested, but never attended the university.

  6. ian c June 24, 2011 at 12:17 pm #

    that’s the first (and only) TSOL album i bought as a youth. think i saw an ad for it in thrasher and thought it was ‘punk.’ the awful thing is that occasionally i will remember some of the terrible lyrics.
    sad for them, if only they’d just ignored hair metal and held their breath for a few years, ‘punk’ would’ve been back.

  7. pietro June 24, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

    ah…TSOL. Beneath the Shadows was a masterpiece. Not sure about the rest of their output.

  8. Graeme June 28, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    Sounds like the pure white milk garglers may have just found their next product. You might say it’s a hole in the market that they may be able to fill.