New dresses and dance shoes for everyone.

“If I knew it was gonna be that kind of party…”

I’ve found as time passes, and my grey hairs have begun to turn (at last count I have like, eight of them on my chest), unless Janet Jackson and skinny ties are involved, the idea of socialization causes great anxiety for me. I fondly remember the days when I was a butterfly, flitting from gathering to gathering, collecting high fives as I went, but then something changed. I got old, and crotchety, and new things scared me, and the idea of making small talk repulsed me, and I got cable.
Well all of that is about to be temporarily shelved next to my collection of crystal unicorns, as the social events of the season are fixing to go down directly.
At some point in the not so distant past I made mention that I totally sold out, and loosely attached my name with the Levi’s Commuter Collection.
One of the perks of compromising what little integrity I had left was that I was promised a part in one of several parties Levi’s was throwing across the country in conjunction with this launch.
While there will be events in Boson, Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Portland and maybe somewhere else, this one is happening right here in San Francisco where Sean Penn walks the streets freely, and gay people are occasionally allowed to marry.
If by chance you live in, around or nearby, July 8th will see the kickoff at Box Dog bikes, and then later it will move down the street to The Zeitgeist (where I would like to note is the only bar I’ve ever been both naked in, and 86ed from, the two occurrences being entirely unrelated to one another).
Anyway, here is the flyer. Now mark your calendars and plan your ensemble;
A whole different kind of party are those at which you pretend to be dead for photos;
It’s like photo bombing, but a little more subtle.
Personally I didn’t know there was actually such a thing until I came across this website.
Of the few vacations I have had, and the even fewer photos that have been taken on them, this remains one of my favorites;
And what’s pretending to be dead in a photo (or a party, for that matter), without bubbles;

Unfortunately playing dead at parties with bubbles distracts me from correspondences, and one I got ten days ago from Luke has sadly been neglected until now;
“Howdy Stevil,
My names Luke and I am a bike mechanic out doing the Race Across America this summer for the Northampton Cycling Club out of Mass, and was wondering if you could slip me in a spot in one of your posts.
If not all is well at least you will see it, should be a bunch of nonsense from the road with a goal of ruining the whole thing for everyone. Bolgs great keep it up.
Luke H. Berry”

I’m a crappy and inattentive person.
And how about that Race Across America? It clearly takes some kinda chops to pull that one off. I wonder if anyone has thought to do it, and build a wizard staff simultaneously?
Some say I’m a dreamer.
Speaking of dreaming and staffing, Tim got in touch with some goings on in the land that so profoundly kicked asses last weekend;
“Hey Stevil,
Just a quick note to confirm that CX culture has truly arrived in Melbourne;
Looking forward to you joining us for next month’s race!

I looked at my calendar and I don’t have any plans to be in Australia next month, but being as I am a marginally successful web logger, the world is sometimes my oyster, you know?
One trip I do know I’ll be making is to Minneapolis West to attend the official unveiling and celebration for Portland Design Works’ recent acquisition of the Circulus.
While I will of course be neck deep in strippers and food carts, I will be there in an official capacity as well, as a correspondent of Paved Magazine.
Though my editor couldn’t be found to cover the cost of the ticket, I did return home recently to find a manilla envelope stuffed with single dollar bills.
Beyond knowing his priorities, he clearly knows how to party.

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7 Responses to “New dresses and dance shoes for everyone.”

  1. Tom July 1, 2011 at 7:23 am #

    How about this for a summer school project in Iowa?

  2. Noel July 1, 2011 at 8:54 am #

    About the reclusiveness, I hear ya. My wife won’t even ask me to go to the store with her anymore (which works out good for me) as I become filled with homicidal rage in the soup aisle. My favorite bar these days just happens to be in my garage.

  3. Nick July 1, 2011 at 9:51 am #

    Mini ‘dromes are popping up errywhere! Here’s one that’s been making the rounds (ha) in Santa Rosa: Whiskeydrome

  4. Manbreaker July 1, 2011 at 10:11 am #

    Whatever you’re lacking in social skills, you make up for here.

  5. jimbo July 1, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    Back in ’89 I lived with a bunch of speed freaks around the corner from the zeitgeist. Also used to spend alot of time in wine country, which in those days was 6th and Market.

  6. sarah July 1, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    i love that second melbourne cx photo and i may just start showing it to people when they ask what cross is.

  7. Bob-O July 1, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

    Ah, the dance party. Now that brings back a lot of fond memories. If only I still had the flexibility and nimbleness I had back then. And my social skills . . . yeah, they suck as well. Anyway, it’s a pleasure to find good company here. Thanks for being you.