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Considering the fact that I was nursing the effects of celebrating all things Minneapolis West Design Works until deep into Tuesday, it’s a wonder I was able to knock one, much less two posts out in twice as many days. While I was away however, a few noteworthy items came to both my physical and electronic minds, which because I care, I will now share.

First off, because this is a bicycle (mostly, sometimes) related website, I will offer up some information about an Australian saddle company called Thrones. Firstly, their tagline is ‘for your royal arse’. With ‘arse’ they are referring to one’s posterior. In America we would say ‘ass’, but down under that would imply they made saddles for your donkey, which is incorrect. Anyway, several weeks ago, or a month ago, or maybe a month and a half ago, a fella from said company contacted me to see if I would have any interest in riding and reviewing the fruits of their labor.
I took the opportunity to explain my general level of OCD when it comes to that part of my bicycle, but because the only thing that overrides my OCD is free stuff, I happily agreed. Initially the profile of the Throne was immediately reminiscent to the old Bontrager saddles, which looked kinda like this.
Does anyone remember those?
I recall thinking that they looked similar to a coffin;
Anyway, I had a total boner for anything Bontrager at the time, and their saddle was no exception, but regardless of the name across the back, it wasn’t so good at fitting my anatomy. As narrow as those saddles were, it seemed as though they would slip between my sit bones almost forcing all of the pressure to be applied to my man-bits and the tip of my spine. At around this point I came across the line of wide backed and dip nosed Wilderness Trail Bike SST saddles and never once looked back.
So this all paints a picture of my reluctance to try anything new.
The bike I picked to do the swap on was my trusty Hunter cross bike for several reasons, but chief among them was because it tends to be my go-to bike for road/off road/grocery getting/and bar attending adventures;
For the spec nerds in the bunch, I have ths straight from the horse’s mouth;
“What goes into a Throne? I’d be happy to say.
-It’s a nylon base injected with carbon fibre – this gives it the right combination of flex and strength – also means it will hold its shape over time.
-The rails are hollow titanium.
-The body is constructed of super light foam.
-Microfibre cover with no stitching to ensure there is no chaffing. I have been referring to the microfibre as been sourced from Virgin’s bikinis – quite rare and very soft on your arse.”

As far as getting your hands (and your arse) on one, a company called J&B is distributing it, and as with newly launched and relatively unknown doodads and gizmos, the more folks hassle shops to get an item in, the more frequently they will have them on hand. At $160.00 retail, and 215 grams, its weight to cost ratio is about even with any other high end saddle.
They have a broad array of styles to choose from, so if the Evel Knievel motif doesn’t float your boat, then perhaps one of their other number of saddles might.
As I sit and attempt to pen a quasi-review, I’m struck with the difficulty given the individual nature of this item. I could go on and one about the specifics, yet if your anatomy is slightly different from my own, that could end up being the deal breaker. What I can say without pause however is that I was pleasantly surprised with my Throne. As accustomed as my ass-part has become to its preferred WTB Deva saddle, I haven’t had a single issue, sore spot or raw zone since I installed it.
If they can win me and my particular bits over, I would guess they could win over just about anyone.
In other news of bicycle things, it was just on Wednesday that I took delivery of a brand new and very handsome delivery of custom AHTBM Chuey Brand caps;
These are slightly lighter weight than the first run and come in a fetching light blue and black colorway. If you would like to see an even larger photo of them and pick apart the most minute details, then please allow me to direct you over here.
They are very limited in number so don’t get caught sleeping.
In news of places where you could utilize the benefits of new saddles or fancy caps, Kevin got in touch with a reminder of the upcoming Battle on the Gravel®;
I attempted to juggle my meager schedule so that I would be able to get back for this, but I have a thing at the place, and then another thing after that, so it just wasn’t in the cards. But you there, sitting on the other end of this connection… Throw some 28s or 38s, or possibly one of each on your cross/road/touring bike, UPS it care of Nate at Monkeywrench Cycles, and live the rest of your life knowing that you achieved something great. The Pirate Cycling League doesn’t half step anything, and I expect this won’t be an exception.
Finally, in news of art that probably doesn’t suck but I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen any of it, Marko from esteemed advertisers Planet Bike got in touch with and event brewing in his home town of Madison, Wisconsin. It seems as though there is an upcoming art freakout taking place called Paste Up Madison;
I’m for any program that teaches teens how to make wheat paste murals, which ultimately will carry subversive and politically charges messages to the masses, and will also result in them spending a fair amount of time running from cops, private security and/or train yard bulldogs, so look at this as a physical education class as well.
Lend a hand, or make a donation. It’s all for the kids.
Because like, you know… Sharing is caring.

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  1. george July 31, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    dude that time to make the donuts bit is funny

  2. Teemac August 2, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    Deva saddle? Next you’re going to tell us you ride with Luna Bars…