The one in the mirror is who’s out to get me.

Under reasonable circumstances I would have a post here today. Unfortunately due to the last 72 hours, these are no reasonable circumstances. It all started with the Levi’s party and didn’t wrap up until late Sunday evening, so here I sit with a camera full of photos and a head full of fog.
Until I can rinse the stank from my person, and collect my thoughts I will simply leave you with an image of Dan helping Nick test the repellency of his new jacket, and assure you that it was about this time that my entire weekend derailed;
So until Tomorrow… Or Wednesday.

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One Response to “The one in the mirror is who’s out to get me.”

  1. Billy July 13, 2011 at 8:32 am #

    Your reach is national and immediate. At the Cherry Creek (CO) Levi’s boutique I tried on the prototype jacket that was being displayed (with a Chrome messenger bag no less) in the main window July 11. They will not sell it until their stock arrives. Without a beer handy, they were more than happy to spritz (their word, not mine) the material to demonstrate the repellant properties.
    I did my best to ruin their image by telling them I would only wear it while skimming the pavement on a finely prepared eura-peen road bike and that my hinnie does not grace the single speed hipster modes evah. They were dour.
    Keep rockin the pinata that rocks the party and we”l keep cyclocross serious out here.