It hurts to be this awesome.


Let me tell you a little story. At some point during the winter of in 2004 while perusing a local paper, I noted that Jerry Hall was playing Mrs. Robinson in a live performance of ‘The Graduate’ at some venue or another in San Francisco’s downtown theatre district. Being one of my favorite movies (due to the fact that the storyline so closely resembles at least eight of my twelve months in any given year), I was hopeful to see it live. Sadly, around that same time I was en route to Portland East (then still called Minneapolis) for a show of my paintings at L’un d’un Galerie Des Beaux Arts. Upon our arrival, as we drove through the city, we passed by a theatre where I noticed that the play was also occurring. I made a mental note, but knowing that my plate was probably going to be full, I pushed it to the back of my mind.
A day later while sullying the domain of Hugga Potato (then still called Hurl), he called out from his office- “hey listen to this email I just got. It starts out with “so, you wanna see my mom naked?” It turns out that an acquaintance of our’s mother was playing the role of Mrs. Robinson in Minneapolis’ running of the show, and he was offering us tickets if we were interested. Seeing her with no clothes on was of course intriguing, but I was thrilled at the chance of getting to see the story acted out in three dimension, and enthusiastically made Hurl take our friend up on the offer. Strings were pulled and the following night we excitedly made our way to the venue. During the intermission, a young woman came to our seats and said “Ms. Gray would like the pleasure of your company backstage after the show.” As the curtain fell at the play’s conclusion, she came back out and led us to the dressing rooms.
The show’s star eventually came in and after chatting for a while, we thanked her for her time and effort in getting us tickets. Later we all walked outside and took a photo;
She was as gracious as could be, and I still fondly recall our short time together.
Apparently however she has recently caught wind of my daily activities, as just a few days ago I opened my PO box to find this;
My reputation precedes me, and frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
In other news, over the years, in the many examples of art that doesn’t suck I have offered on this site, some of the art that doesn’t suck the most is by a man called Steve Seeley;
This coming Friday he is having an opening reception for a show with another Chicago based artist named Jeremy Tender at the Rotofugi Gallery.
Please understand me- If I were within a hundred miles of Chicago, I would get my body to this reception. Then again, I hold art that doesn’t suck as well as its maker in high regard. If you share my perspective, make your way through and tell Steve and Jeremy I send my regards.
They’ll surely have no idea what you’re talking about.
Not having anything to do with Linda Gray or art that doesn’t suck, on Monday I ‘peeped’ this new ‘edit’ that ‘dropped’ over on the Santa Cruz Bicycles ‘blog’, and my heart was filled with something that felt warm and gooey;

If you have ever smelled even a hint of me, you know I don’t go for all that wizbang technology, but as SCB’s former assembly manager, I worked closely with Doug Hatfield, Rob Roskopp, and Joe Graney. I even did a bit of time in the trenches with Steve Peat and Greg Minnaar, and I have nothing but love and admiration for those folks. This video concisely illustrates just how much effort they all put into crossing every t and dotting every i when it comes to the technology they develop. While I personally don’t feel a need for all of those bells and whistles, I certainly can appreciate the dedication and passion they have for it.
As we travel along through other news of bike things, Brent sent an email, the subject line for which simply contained the world ‘party’;
“In Alafukkinbama.
We just finalized all the details of our race “Skyway Epic” in Alabama 60 miles out and back 6k+’ climbing;
Photo courtesy Jacob Tubbs.
Singletrack, Forest Service roads, Doubletrack, Gnar, Camping, Food, Music, Dancing, Cash Prizes, Trophies.
Registration just opened and we are limiting to 150 racers this year.

As one who very much likes to make the party, I quickly opened my road atlas to investigate if Alafukkinbama was close by, which I fear it is not. However if you are close, then get on the good foot, because I would guess that available Skyway Epic slots wont last long.
Finally, as the curtain begins to drop on today’s post, Handsome AK sent me a shot which I will share with you now from a recent Shimano lunch ride;
… Or as the case was at this particular point, a recent lunch stand.
While these gents may or may not be in possession of an personalized autographed photo of the captivating Linda Gray, I suspect that they know all too well about what it’s like to be awesome.

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2 Responses to “It hurts to be this awesome.”

  1. HW Thrasher February 8, 2012 at 8:14 am #

    “Must be nice”.

  2. jefe February 9, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    ‘Grace’ may be the wrong word but there was a lot of in that video: from the wrenching to the riding.