‘Parts is parts.’

If you remember that tagline, you’re old.

Be that as it may however, not all parts are actually created equal.

Wouldn’t you know that nearly as soon as I finished talking a blue… Er, a Purple streak of shit about anodized parts, Paul’s gotta come out with a limited run of ‘Amigo Orange’;

Who’d have though that when those two ne’er-do-wells on the left initially laid my personal pair of cover-alls on me back in the lord’s year of 1996 or so, it would be just before the end of the world when we would get our very one run of spanky orange parts?
Maybe orange really is the new black.

And speaking of riding one speeds and wearing orange, of course nearly everyone who pays attention to such things is aware that this past weekend saw the sixth running of the SSCXWC, at which I stealthily attended and shot video footage of;

So many wacky costumes worn with ironic irreverence!

In truth, I opted out for personal reasons, but as I’m sure happens every year, some people raced, some people didn’t, and everyone has brand new photos for their Facebook pages.

From superstar photographer and all around mountain man, Embry Rucker I got the following video, which if you are into droaning soundscapes and attractive videographic aestethics, you might want to watch;

“Just caught the YOB bit from a few days ago – here’s a quick weird video of Mike Scheidt from last year.

– rode into Palo Alto Cycles while up at the in-laws last week & the fancy lads in there were stoked to see the AHTBM [budweiser] socks


I do like that Embry fella, and I appreciate his efforts behind a camera.

I also appreciate the fact that anyone at Palo Alto Cycles happens to know what this website is. It’s one of the fancier shops I’ve ever been to. If they come here, I suspect it’s on the computer in the basement which is generally reserved for Google searching snuff films and Japanese fetish sites.

And speaking of socks, I will again take the opportunity to make another mention that I am now out of the large size Blackweiser socks and have just a short batch of the small/medium ones left which I’ve marked down to ten dollars.

The reason for this is two fold. One, I have to make room for a new run of socks which will be landing in the next couple of weeks. I’m very excited about this new design because they are wool, and their arrival will get a number of people who’ve been on my back about releasing a wool sock, off.

And two, they will look smashingly unassuming when pared with the 2013 AHTBM kit,
the order window for which will only be open until December 16th;

Should anyone be curious where the initial inspiration for the new kit come from, might I direct your attention here, and here and here;

Or maybe that’s all a lie. Maybe I just thought the colors looked pretty together.

Now let’s get onto some important business on behalf of an advertiser in the Maximo Supremo section called Planet Bike. From one of the fastest people to ever have two brothers, grow a greasy moustache, and hail from the Midwest, The Diamond Wizard, I got a heads up about Planet Bike’s goings on;

“Hey Stevil—Hope all is well.

Per your encouragement, here’s a little bit of the goings-on at Planet Bike HQ. We showed some solid new designs at Interbike and a few of them have begun to roll into our warehouse: bar tape, saddles, and pumps.

First off, we’ve got the brand spankin’ new Road Wrap Tachyon tape. It’s a rubbery-ish, grippy, and padded tape;

Just the trick for the bummer fall weather and the tail end of the cyclocross season.
Next is the Pro men’s and women’s saddles, as well as the Comp men’s and women’s saddles;

Both of these models are a pretty big departure from our typical saddle line-up. Low profile, lightweight, and fit for even the most discerning bike snob (probably untrue but they look pretty darn snappy).
Finally, we’ve come out with the Air Smith ALX and Comp mini pumps. While similar to a few models on the market, we’ve made some solid improvements on our latest mini pumps;

If any of these looks intriguing enough that you’d like to get up close and personal, let me know.

I’m always happy to set you up.

Not just blowing smoke, Marko did in fact come through with a saddle, which despite my excitement about, reservedly I went about replacing my beloved WTB Deva;

I then began setting out researching comparative rail materials, weights, lengths, widths, and prices and I immediately got bored.

At 276 grams, it’s reasonably comparable to your fancy Eye-talian racer seats, and at $74.99 the Pro won’t break the bank.

Plus is got holes in it, which reminds me of my old yellow Kashimax saddle, and there’s nothing not awesome about that;

So I fired it on one of my bikes, and in between torrential sky-floodng, got out on a spin. When it comes to bike stuff, I hate to say I like anything that’s not my tried and true, but upon our initial exchange, I’m finding that I’m quite fond of the Pro;

Time will tell, though at this point, both of my thumbs give it approval.

But most importantly, so do my parts.

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  1. DV December 3, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

    Rucker rucker rucker

  2. Doble D December 3, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    Kevin Seconds!!!

  3. Leif December 3, 2012 at 10:00 pm #

    That last photo is an imposture.