On your marks- Get set- Party.


And like any quality social function, it’s sure to be one full of good times and eventual regret.

Like for example, this coming weekend’s Meet Your Maker ride on the picturesque environs of Mountain Tamalpais;
You haven’t yet been on one of the increasingly legendary Meet Your Maker rides you say? Well, unless you live far, far away and don’t care to purchase a plane ticket and figure out all of the specifics to get your body there, you haven’t got a very good excuse.

They are quite fun, and will forever secure you in the hearts and minds of famed frame builders the region over, and if that’s not reason enough, I don’t know what would be.

That is of course unless you have a cyclocrossing event that you have to suck in, kinda like the following individual depicted in this image I found via Raleigh Bikes’ own Burkey;
Photo credit, Kent Baumgardt.

Any time I’ve ever raced, I felt inclined to bury my head in the sand as well.

The Don Walker cross team- Always head and shoulders above the rest®.

Segueing from that, I’ll mention that person who was is a bit of a fixture in the Chicago cyclocrsscycling scene named Newt– (the same Newt who runs Morning Bird Studio.
Not to be mistaken for Morning Wood Studio.)

Though I’ve posted this clip previously, I will again simply because OFF!;

Though I’m a big fan of my own gym, there is a glaring lack of punk rock and espresso machines.

I suppose if those were that important to me however, I’d fund Newt’s move to the West Coast and call it good.

Then Bobo forwarded on this magazine sequence from a 1994 issue of Outside Magazine of our very own Jay Metallicabagal illustrating the proper technique when engaging in a thing called ‘the track stand’.
Practice makes perfectish.

In other news of fast, racey sexycycling, last week I dropped the scoop that Ritte Van Vlaanderen had planted stakes in the retirement home known as the Maximo Supremo section of the AHTBM web project and no sooner did the ink dry on that declaration, did Snakehawk from Superissimo send up a smoke signal about his own visit to the Ritte Southern California headquarters with the following post;

i don’t write nearly as good as when i don’t write.

Not only is he a crack non-writer, but he’s pretty good with the visual knob turning as well;
Ritte retrospective
Ritte retrospective
Of course Snakehawk’s efforts in that department are miles beyond what I’m capable of, but it doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying;
And because it speaks volumes to me, I would imagine I will roll this image out again come Underbike time.

And finally, the previously mentioned Snakehawk also sent on some intel about a thing that was good, but of which I wasn’t a part, which was bad;

This is the ride of my dreams, and it already happened. See? Dream big, fella.
Two Superissimo links in a single post? I should just hand over they keys to my site and melt into the sunset.

Anyhow, If what they did wasn’t quality, I wouldn’t bother.

Ssay what you will about the race to party, but it seems as though these gents have already won.

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5 Responses to “On your marks- Get set- Party.”

  1. Bobo Clown November 6, 2013 at 7:30 am #

    Wish I could join the Meet the Maker ride this weekend…Bummed, but have to get out to Moab to help some kids race…

  2. devon November 6, 2013 at 9:20 am #

    Messenger jay mak is adorable, even though there’s a lot of creep in that trackstand. Also he forgot the part about how the ground is lava.

  3. blacksocks November 7, 2013 at 9:07 am #

    Jay Metallicaballs? Jay Makamakamaka? Jay Makapackage? Perhaps the only person I know whos last name gets butchered more than my own.

    Hope to see you Sunday…

  4. phatty P November 7, 2013 at 6:12 pm #

    ritte is a pretty bike BUTT-
    Their “custom” is Russ Denny ( nearly triple his price everyday price )
    and the plastic ones are hung fu with groovy paint at QuaDROOple ze price.
    dem bikes are a rip. straight up
    and before anybody offers me free butt sexx #1-no thanks #2 i dont begrudge him a living butt pleazee

  5. Largo November 8, 2013 at 6:33 am #

    Would Jens be kitted up in Lulu Lemon in a “studio”?
    I think not!
    No, he would have a heaping bowl of Pave’ for breaky, then get out there and put on the Kliks, that’s what Jensy would do.