This just in! It’s totally the day after Thursday!

I’m just gonna keep rolling with these post titles until well after we’ve grown tired of them.

Which was probably just after this one.

It’ll be like Groundhog Day, but less;
So today we have an array of what nots in the jim jam, starting with what I feel are some of the most important images to be collected on my desktop so far this year;

Via Heather
dalai-lama-tolerance copy
And that in a nutshell (no pun relating to that final photo intended), is pretty much how the inside of my brain looks.

In news somewhat relating to International Record Store Day, and my previously mentioned visit to said type of store, when I was there I bought The Afghan Whigs’ new, (and first in sixteen years) album ‘Do To The Beast’;
As the fella behind the counter rang up my purchase, he mentioned that anyone who bought the album on that day got their name dropped into a hat for a chance to win a test pressing of the album in question.

In my head I thought, “sure, what the hell? I don’t think I’ve ever won anything aside from a gift certificate at some messenger company party about twelve years ago for William Sonoma, with which I got a skillet… But I’ll bite.”

By the way, for those who might be interested, here’s the skillet;
But lo and behold, to my surprise, on Wednesday I got a telephone call from the store notifying me that I’d indeed won.

Mom“, I started. “This had better not be your idea of a joke.

The caller on the other end replied with “first of all, I’m a thirty two year old man. Secondly, this is no joke. Come in and get your prize or I’ll trade it for a 40.

Still not sure that it wasn’t my mom, I excitedly made my way back and found that of the six people who had their names in the running, I was in fact the victor;
And then I immediately thought of Poison Idea;

But then again, I’m less of a record collector, and more of a record amasser.

Besides, no self respecting record collector would have both Aerosmith and The Surf Punks in their amassings;
I’m proud to own probably three of the worst records ever made by anyone.

In news of bikecycling, and relating to my continued attempts at keeping women from doing it, Captain Dave made the contact on behalf of the lovely and talented Ms. Anna Grace, pictured here doing what she does best back in 2013;
Photo courtesy of Matthew Lasala

Anyway, Captain Dave elaborates;

Hey Stevil,

We all know you just despise women on bikes and such, but this is a project I think even you and your cold black heart can get behind.

Some seriously motivated and talented ladies have joined forces to make an impressive racing squad, bound and determined to go to Minnesota to race.

This is an amazing story and project. Would you please ask your good readers to have a gander at this page and, if so inclined, help the movement by purchasing some spiffy socks?
Check it out!

Many thanks,
Captain Dave

So there you go. Buy some socks, support some awesome womenses.

And speaking of awesome womenses, (not to mention those residing in Portland), it seems as though one in particular is freshly in the employ of Maximo Supremo residents Portland Design Works named Jocelyn, and she came through with a nice introduction to herself, as well as what her role there will be;

Stevil, hi!

Today our dear co-captain DPow! of Portland Design Works took off in a big ol’ jet airliner to carry him far away to our newly established Taichung Forward Operations Base. DPow! will be responsible for coordinating production efforts and posting pictures of bizarre foodstuffs to Instagram.

Now, I might not be as cute as he is*, but I can handle my whiskey and once went swimming with sea otters. Off the northern coast of Scotland. Around 2 AM. After drinking plenty of whiskey.

Anyways, I look forward to being your new PDW liaison and, until our next outstanding product release or my next email to you about sea otters, here is a photo of me and my boyfriend while we were camping last weekend;
wildoregon copy
You know we keep it wild in Oregon.

*That’s not true. We’re both significantly cuter than the majority of the non-bike riding population.

So DPow! is out, and Jocelyn is in. I look forward to many more random correspondences with her, and congratulate her on her fancy news digs there with PDW.

Finally, in closing I’ll post a PSA from everyone’s friends at Superissimo;
And on this day after Thursday that we find ourselves in, a more appropriate sentiment couldn’t be expressed.

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8 Responses to “This just in! It’s totally the day after Thursday!”

  1. Dave April 25, 2014 at 3:47 am #

    That’s some quality Skillet porn, sir.

  2. Brad April 25, 2014 at 4:51 am #

    Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven, Bender.

  3. Chris April 25, 2014 at 8:17 am #

    At least the Surf Punks morphed into Claw Hammer so maybe your purchases were the push they needed to keep on playing.

  4. scooper April 25, 2014 at 10:48 am #

    My beach, my sand, my surf. go home! Bikes are for drunk jerks

  5. N.Smith April 25, 2014 at 11:08 am #

    I hope you wasn’t referring to Aerosmith ‘Aerosmith’ as probably one of the 3 worst albums made, specially as you’ve been buying Dirtbombs fodder.

    • Stevil April 25, 2014 at 11:23 am #

      I was in a salty mood when I wrote that. Truth be told, if I didn’t love those records I wouldn’t have bought them to begin with, let alone keep them all these years.

      • phuck eeuw April 25, 2014 at 1:31 pm #

        No your write-
        the arrow of the smith is indeed
        the Bon to A jovi.

        Horrible face lifted old queens.

        im 50. saw them way back when. unimpressed.