Today is gonna be half-assed.


I make this declaration because my fingers and eyeballs are tired from Monday and Tuesday, but mostly because today is my 30th birthday, and I would rather spend it reflecting on how things were back in the day.

So, going through the mail bag (because that’s always an easy thing to do when I’m feeling sleepy), I find that I’ve got a notification of a cyclocrossish event occurring this very eve at the world famous One Eleven Minna Art And Beautiful People Bar;
On display will be photos and videos, and bikecycles produced by some of North Cal’s most esteemed photographers, and videographers, and bikecycle makers.

Then, if all of that weren’t enough, the following day finds a Meet Your Maker ride, though I can’t seem to find any information about that, so perhaps we should all just listen to the wind.

*That’s actually not true. Meet at Mojo Cafe on Divisadero at 9:00. A mixed terrain ride will follow.

Then, a whole ‘nother bike thing occurring in San Francisco tonight is a toss-up/throw-down at Market Street’s Huckleberry Bikes;
I recommend this, if even just to see the interior of one of the prettiest bike shops I’ve ever seen.

But getting back to cyclocrossy stuff, Tuesday evening saw the second race in the dfL’s twentieth season of their cross dress series, which thankfully was documented by one of the previously noted esteemed photographers, Ms. Pamela Palma;
This final image is noteworthy given the fact that these three could very well have not even been a twinkle in their parent’s eyes when this series had its inaugural race.

The dfL is dead. Long live the dfL.

Due to the fact that I was engaged in what can only be described as history’s most epic battle with one of my longest running rivals, I took no photos, save for a few face shots;
Based on the crippling double quadricep crap I experienced upon finishing the race, I’d say even though I didn’t win, technically because I didn’t die, I won.

Carrying on with the theme, I got an email from Bobo detailing both the good, and bad kinds of pain;

I hope you have recovered. I am heading off to Alabama tomorrow to teach more coaches and get more kids on bikes. The cycle never ends!

Check this out from Cyclingnews: “I called Dr. Manuel Leyes and he sent someone from his team, César Flores, who put together a sort of surgery in my home. He opened the wound on my knee again and cleaned it,” Contador said. “I could only have an anaesthetic around it but not in the wound itself, so I had to put a sock in my mouth because of the pain.”

What the hell is a “sort of surgery”? Maybe the AHTBM sock is the best anesthetic?

Hope your wrist is doing better and let’s ride soon.


ps. the first and last time I race Cross Vegas…I ended-up scoring a PBR and $2 bill hand-up so I will officially upgrade to “pro” since I was paid to race;
boboatCross Vegas
(Albeit way under the cost to my body and psyche).


I know he is a profoundly busy individual, so I thank him for his time, but just for historical accuracy, I fixed the attached image;
boboatCross Vegas copy
In other news, kinda relating to that but not really, Chip from Honey Bicycles came through with a bit of neüz yü can üze;


This past weekend put all that I believe in about bikes and friends in a blender and created what we now term Trail Wizard.

Philly houses some of the raddest cyclists on the planet. The Lone Wolf crew invaded Boston this past weekend for two days of trail riding and shenanigans on these things they call “cycle-cross” bikes. Grant Peterson and P-Bob would call them “Do Everything Bikes” I like that term better as it has more elegance. I have no idea what cycle-cross means. It must be French for Tough Mudder or something.

Long story short- At some point at about hour 18 of this ride through our little Dirt Church the Trail Wizard was born;
Pretty sure we saw the Wizard walk by or maybe it was a Sleestak. The whole weekend is a blur. What is not a blur is that LWC and all of us bike freaks out here love our trails and want to take good care of them. So we are doing a raffle of a LWC X Honey Trail Wizard frameset.

The flyer is here;
-And here be the link to the raffle page.

My last thought: Trail Wizards HATE dog poop bags on the trails.

That is some good stuff, and just so we’re clear, the above mentioned ‘Trail Wizard’ should not (ever) be confused for Minneapolis’ ‘Cross Wizard’;
Finally, going from stuff that’s less cross, and more cross up, from homie Cranpa of FBM Bikes I got the feel-good hit of the year;

Not sure if you are interested in sharing content made by other sites, but I attached a couple of links from Dig’s new site and ESPN from FBM’s 21st birthday Celebration we had last week…

ESPN’s bit, and the DIG gallery;
Rob Doleckifbmparty
danifromDIGshotbyRob Dolecki
Rob Doleckifbmparty2
Photos by Rob Dolecki.
hope all is well!

– cranman

Cranpa and I had spoken long and hard about me getting out there to help celebrate (arrive, get drunk, develop conference beyond my skill set, do a jump, and break my arm), but like most plans, things fell through. Sad for my spirit, but happy for both FBM and the well-being of my bones.

And it’s with that, I bid you farewell until Monday, when we might cover the ass’ other half.

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6 Responses to “Today is gonna be half-assed.”

  1. andy September 19, 2014 at 6:43 am #

    happy 30th (+/-) birthday.

  2. irishpunk59 September 19, 2014 at 8:19 am #

    Happy Birthday tough guy. Still celebrating my 30th and it’s been a ferkin long time now.

  3. devin September 19, 2014 at 12:24 pm #

    I hope to raise a Beer in your Honor,,

  4. somedudeinFLA September 19, 2014 at 1:34 pm #

    Yeah, ive been 21 for 14 years now too… You know who else stays the same age? [Insert mom joke here] (doesnt matter whos mom either, i believe in equal opportunity)

  5. scooper September 19, 2014 at 9:40 pm #

    Love those FBM dudes! Patch looks awesome too BDay dude!!!

  6. Bobo Clown September 24, 2014 at 7:31 am #

    Thanks for the coverage of Senor Bobo racing! Always good to see a Clown line-up for the race! Good thing Mr. Blacksocks was there to administer the pre-race shot of whiskey!