Broken fences.


Recently I want on a bit of a tirade regarding some business-ie related goings on with Bike Magazine as a last resort in a situation which was less than desirable. I was mad, then they got mad, then Brice the editor and I got mad at each other over the course of an hour long phone conversation, during which things were ultimately resolved.

As one who make a living (albeit a meager one) with the words I write and the photos that I take, I felt that I had been unfairly taken advantage of and I lashed out in a public maner. I stood behind my perspective (as people who feel strongly about their stance often do), and Brice stood behind his. He pours his heart and soul into what he does, as do I and with both of us feeling the heat of the situation, it was an uncomfortable conversation for the two of us to have.

As I mentioned to him in a follow up email, due to the longevity of my relationship with the magazine both professionally as well as personally, I have developed a bit of a sense of ownership over the product, and as one who felt as though I’d been taken advantage of, it was akin to a knee to the groin. Instead of once again sending what I construed to be a pestering email, trying to sort out yet another snafu, I lashed out. Fully standing behind my perspective, I went into battle armed with what I knew to be the truth, not entirely taking into consideration the personal relationships that would be affected.

When the lines between what is personal and what is professional get blurred, things tend to to get weird, which they did, and I take responsibility for my part in stirring a pot, and adding fuel to the fire, and even at the ripe old age of 44 years old, I’ve learned yet another valuable life lesson regarding the worth of communication.

So to my compatriots at Bike, both former and current, I extend my humble apologies and vow in the future to look before I leap.

Moving from that, to things of a more sinister manner, 685 from Pentabike got in touch regarding some newly branded threads that are good for both bikecycle riding as well as human sacrifices;

Hey Stevil.

We wrote you a poem disguised as a Psalm to announce the official release of the PENTABIKE Poseur Jersey and the Breaking-Wind jacket;
All products are made in the USA, are goat approved and certified dolphin safe.

When you finish up dicking around on Photoshop, would you consider sharing this news with your family of heathens?

The Goat is my shepherd, I shall not want.
He is not tardy and Lo his name is Lemmy.
Through pastures green he leadeth me the stagnant waters by.
With bright knives he releaseth my soul.
He showeth the children to hang the new POSEUR JERSEY on heavy metal hooks in high places.
He processes me to into lamb cutlets.
He hath great power and great hunger for The new BREAKING-WIND JACKET.
When cometh the day we lowly ones
Through quiet reflection and great dedication, master the art of the beer hand up, we shall rise up and don the wears offered by those high and mighty.


A way with words, that young 685 doth have.

Likewise, do Gypsy The Punk who made contact with me thusly;

Every semester, my son’s preschool gives the students a project that they are supposed to work on with their families. Last semester, we built a robot out of recycled materials.

This semester? We were tasked with making a family crest. I explained what a crest was to my son, and asked him what he thought our family stood for.

He thought about it for a solid three seconds before he answered, “Bicycles and rocks… and peace. We like peace too.”

So, a scrap piece of plywood, some old cross tires, a tube of glue and a hand full of rocks later, we have our family crest. This afternoon we will pull out the finger paints and brighten it up a bit;
Punk rock is as punk rock does,


Better to have a family crest made of rocks, bikes and peace than dead fish, coagulated blood, and explosive devices, I always say.

And speaking of which, Brian from that one speed cyclocross thing happening in Kentucky this weekend got in touch about some stuff and junk;


Still bummed that you won’t be able to hang with us during sscxwc this year. Lots of good stuff planned with many drinks to be had. We also got to work with Sally on the special KyFnCx edition Raleigh RXS one speeded bike;
It’s pretty rad and most of them don’t have a monster head tube like Seiler’s. Apparently that doesn’t relate to anything. We are selling them at the SSCXWC site and didn’t know if you could use your monstrous sphere of influence to let people know that they can have their own for $647.00 (local police code for drunk and disorderly). Many thanks and wishing we were going to see you here this weekend.

I too am bummed I won’t be there, but these bike aren’t gonna Photoshop themselves out of pictures.

In other news regarding product, Maximo Supremo, and doing stuff in the dark, it was just this past Monday when I included a video that was recently released by Portland Design Works;

Practically no sooner did the video come to a conclusion did the good old postman knock on my door bearing gifts;
Why, that right there is not only a Lars Rover of my very own, but a pound of the finest hot brown that Trailhead Coffee Roasters has to offer, which ironically, if you drink enough of, also allows you to see in the dark.

Being one who is afraid of things that go bump in the night, I often times spend my evening hours either under a blanket, or in a bar (also under a blanket), but now with the ample PDW illumination provided to me, I look forward to soon doing a Night Cat Mission inspired test, the results of which will be forthcoming.

Finally in closing I will please direct you to the beginning of this post.

The contest that KindHuman, Ruckus Composites and I have got cooking ends in just one week from today;
And I repeat, please take a look at the beginning of this post because I don’t want to have to type it all over again.

The short version is that you can buy raffle tickets which go to support The KindHuman Scholarship and the chance to win a custom painted frameset, or you can submit a design and get a crack at one of said custom painted framesets at manufacturer’s cost.

If you can’t figure out that Dropbox deal, email me and I’ll send you the template which you can color up with your pencils or markers or Crayons, or whatever (which is what I did because I’m not in the least bit technically savvy).

For my part, and just so I am clearly putting my money where my mouth is, I did in fact buy five tickets and submitted two indescribably amazing designs. Clearly, since I’m co-hosting this contest, I’m not actually in the running, but if on the off chance my design is picked, I will relinquish the prize to the second finalist, or short of that, will auction the frameset off, the proceeds from which will get redirected to the scholarship.

If you miss this opportunity I won’t be the first in line to apologize There are only so many hours in the day in which to mend my fences.

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    Humble pie can be both bitter and sweet.