A clearing house of shenanigans.

First up- Well, how do you like them apples?

That made my brain meat hurt.

But probably not as much as it did James;
Having totally blown it on Monday I’m gonna dig deep and roll out the best I can offer.

Or not- We’ll see how it goes.

First up we have a bit of contact from the mail bag from super artist Chris McNally

As a fan of art that doesn’t suck, no matter the medium, I support what The Armed does.

So now that our eardrums have been sufficiently blown, let’s get on to matters of a more bicycle related sort.

From Sean at Soulcraft Bikecycles we get an inside look at the art behind bike fabrication and repair;

“Hey, can you patch a rust hole in the seat tube of my old Salsa frame?

“I don’t usually “patch” holes. Not a great idea.”

“Oh man, I really love this frame. Please, please, please? And can it look ‘vintage’?”

“Ok, sure, I’ll do it. You won’t even notice it.”


That Sean is truly a master of his craft.

And speaking of which, not only he a wiz behind a torch, but as I’m sure most are aware, he rolls up his sleeves and takes care of all sorts of business involving the Meet Your Maker ride series.

As a matter of fact, there is one of those events going down on Mt. Tam this very weekend;
All, (or most, or at least a bunch) of your favorite Northern California bike builders will be present for anyone who is interested in riding along side and chatting up about whatever your dark heart desires.

*Oh- Scratch that;
MEET YOUR MAKER MT. TAM cancellation copy
Apparently if you ride with a bunch of your friends, you need a permit now.

Anyway, there will be more in the future, which I assume a permit is not required for, and I’ll promote those as they occur.

And while we’re on the topic of builders of the bike, Chris Igleheart got in touch with a few words regarding a very lovely video that was just released that looks something like this;


Hope you are recovering well. It just takes time, the physical therapy is the most important. It has been a while & wanted to say hello & to show off some press frame builders are getting up here in Oregon.

The 7 Bikes for 7 Wonders of Oregon is going on with the 3rd bike being hidden last weekend. It is a bike I made, a woman’s size touring 650B bike with all the fixings. They made a video of the bike & myself.

I had my honorary DFL hat on & they never asked what it stood for, I have an Evil sticker on the Trail Poacher & Chevil had to sign off on it not being a brand….. I wanted to really just share the joke with you as laughter is just healthy;

So , life is great up here & I have never been so busy. Next time you’re up here lets have a pint or 3.

Take care of yourself & I hope you can be back in the saddle soon.


Chris is a monk, and truly a spectacular human being, and I appreciate him reaching out to share that clip.

Finally, as we prepare to part ways, another person in our realm named Chris is the one who does a bunch of that amazing artwork you see around here on this site;
*And coming soon;
So it seems as though he has a new venture called Oh Be Joyful, the first product from which he sent me one of a couple of weeks ago;
If this design tickles your particular fancy, stick your head into his shop and take a gander at his other offering. More designs are sure to make their way into his store in the coming weeks.

Now that the proverbial sheets have been sufficiently shaken, and the crumbs are all scattered to the wind, the house is cleared and the shenanigans can be dealt with as you will.

And for that, I’m joyful.

Nay… Let it be said that we all are.

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  1. Gypsy July 15, 2015 at 7:01 am #

    Love the Oh Be Joyful stuff. Just sent him an email asking him to take my money.