Sometimes life gets in the way.

Shaving men

And we gotta take care of pressing chores, like for example, shaving.

Though other life things got in my way of writing a proper post this weekend as well.

I had the small matter of a 50th anniversary for my in-laws;
And waking up to this;
And riding a bike for the first time in four months;
And teaching my niece the finer points of shooting a gun in the house;
And seeing these guys;
shellac-1 (1)
And getting a new shipment of those god forsaken calendars;
(Might I recommend they be hung behind a door.)

-It was a super slammed weekend and I didn’t have a large enough of a block of time to write proper post. I promise to have a better effort prepared for Wednesday.

Or for sure on Friday.

Or by the very latest, at least next Monday.

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