Everybody’s fingers and toes still intact?

Teacher Loading Elementary Students on School Bus

I sure hope so, because you need those for picking and wiggling.

Hello and good morning.

I got a lot of stuff on deck this morning, so let’s get cracking with no dilly-dallying, or monkey business.

Firstly, and you may have seen this in other social media channels, but after a lot of jibber jabber on the matter, Sally from Hodala finally did the unthinkable and released a calendar commemorating not only WSATU in general, but the utter disaster of one we had together in Seattle two years ago;
WSATU calendar
The calendar is twelve months spanning from June 2015 (which just ended), to June 2016 (which is still a long way away). The photos were expertly shot by Earl of Earl Harper Studios and I think succinctly convey the mayhem that the day celebrates.

If you have a penchant for cringing at the start of every month, as well as obtaining knowledge of some of the world’s most arcane and random holidays, for the low low price of ten dollars, pick one up here. When these are gone, they’re gone forever so act fast or forever hold your pee.

Now every day can be Wizard Staff Day, and who wouldn’t want that?

Moving on, for those with a penchant for rollerboarding and nostalgia, maybe a few folks have heard about the last little sliver of Del Mar becoming uncovered for the first time in decades;

That’s some crazy bananas.

In bike cycling news, Jeff from All City has a boat load of stuff going on at his night job;


I’d be real appreciative if you’d spread the word about the new Bike Jerks site and goods. I’m not emailing photos, because folks find that annoying, but everything is pullable from this flickr page.

Here is the blog post featuring the new stuff with copy.

You can also pull product info from the webstore.

I’d appreciate any coverage of the 10th Anniversary tee and patch, Lions tee, or lifestyle patch;
Thanks a mint, I’ve got a ton of money into the website and need to shift some product.

Cheers, and let me know if you need anything else.

So there you have it. Jeff’s got a boat load of new product in the Bike Jerks store, and you have a little bit of dough to trade him for it.

Not relating to that in the least, we’re just two and a half months away from the seventh annual Underbike Industry Mixer®.

I’m real, real excited about this, and just this weekend unleashed the first of many flyers relating to said event;
As you can plainly see, the featured musical act has yet to be disclosed. I’ll pop the top on them beans on August fifth at five o’clock in the morning for no reason other than because I can. Second to that, we’ve changed the venue and this year and will be darkening the door of the world famous Backstage Bar. The Beauty Bar was an awesome venue these last two years and have been hugely accommodating, but as I’ve said in the past, if you’re a bar and you run out of beer during one of my parties, you’re dead to me.

Assuming you have either, tell your friends and tell your family

Then, in closing, we’ll move on from news of merchandise to news of bikecycle related things, Watts of Revolution Cycles in North Carolina came through information regarding an upcoming freakout;

Hey man… I hope the healing is going well. I’m sure it helps to know that there are literally millions of people preying for you. (I suppose there’s probably at least one person praying as well. Burns, doesn’t it?)

I’m wondering if you could help get the word out about a ride we’re putting on. Shit.. it’s actually a whole weekend of shit celebrating some indeterminate number of years alienating the local cycling community and building our own. I seriously forget how many and don’t honestly care. We’ll call it an even 6.66.

First off, on Friday July 10th, our friends Flesh Wounds are playing a show at the shop. Other bands pending, but either way, it will kick ass. Dodging frontman Montgomery’s spit will be the tricky part.

Saturday is a giant yard sale, trying to purge the shop of stuff, and make way for things.

And then….on Sunday, we have a century rolling out of the shop. ERECT? WHYNOT CLIMAX? It’s been billed by Bicycling Magazine as “The only century you should give a fuck about this year.” (totally true)
erect whynot climax boom done
It’s absolutely free… and there will be tons of prizes and swag. But here’s the thing….There’s no prize for being the first to Climax. Unless you help everyone else get there too. No one likes an inconsiderate partner.

What I really want to see is a whole mass of riders trackstanding at the finish line…. all trying not to cross that line…until they just can’t hold it anymore.

Then, once we’re finished…. first, last or together…. we’ll roll back to the shop, thoroughly sated… drink beer and eat tacos from a local taco truck…and swim in kiddie pools.

It’s going to fucking rule.

Anyway… kind thanks for passing it on. And next year, I expect to see you here.

Take care, man. Preying.

(here are the links and pics. If you can pass it on, that would be awesome. And seriously… hope the healing is going well. Being injured fucking sucks.

There’s no doubt that it will be fun. Do you reside near Greensboro? If so, maybe make a plan to get your body there to support the cause.

For that matter, assuming they’re still intact, maybe even bring your fingers and toes along as well.

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2 Responses to “Everybody’s fingers and toes still intact?”

  1. Drew July 12, 2015 at 2:38 pm #

    if on august 5th you say it is any one besides Shellac, i’ll personally strangle you with a piece of Watt’s disemboweled colon.

    • Stevil July 12, 2015 at 2:54 pm #

      Lay $12,000 on me, and your wish will be my command.