Here comes the weekend train.


Hi folks. Have you missed us? (And by ‘us’ of course I mean ‘me’.) I hope so. Lucky for the five of you, I’m back with another array of matters that in the big picture, don’t really matter.

In the small picture however, they do quite a lot.

Like for example, the highly anticipated Bike Jerks’ brand new tenth anniversary kit;
If you yourself would like to get in on this pre-order, all you have to do is here.

Speaking of Midwest bike punkery, as you may be aware, the SSUSA recently went down, and though I certainly wasn’t present, thankfully my man on the street Devin was, and he clued us in on the action thusly;


Last weekend was the SsUsA ride race here in lovely Wisconsin. This was to be the third year in a row playing with all of these one geared freaks, and to be my last time to ride Levis Mound while living only down the road. I first rode Levis back in 1992 while involved in college. Back then it was not the singletrack powerhouse that it is now… To this day the riding here has become the go-to/have to ride trail system in the middle western USA.

After checking in with the powers in charge and dropping off a nice care package of goodies I strapped on a number plate and got ready for the party.

As the word go was yelled through the bullhorn, a mad dash to our bikes we made;
I jumped on and clung on to a group that charged down the xc ski trail, only to loose connection at a massive mud puddle that had me quaking in my boots;
It is safe to say after breaking my self last fall in the Shitwamongen I am gun shy in weird lead outs.

From here I pedaled with some old friend and partied with some new. Even stopping once to answer my phone. Thinking it was the guy selling my house…

When the line was crossed, 27 miles of trail were ridden and not an inch of epicness was missed… One of the best races I have ever pedaled;
Post race some bike circles were ridden;
-Until Kwood and Mr. Creepy Friendly came away with the belts;
Then after all the party moved to a 100 year old roller rink to decided next year.

Sounds as if it’s moving to the Keystone State.

Wisconsin showed how to party but even more how to ride.. These tasks need to be on your to dü list… Beer, buds and, and singletrack.. Can’t ask for more…



Good night, that looks awesome. I’d like to thank Devin for his words, and Todd Bauer for the visuals.

If you’d like to peruse the whole collection of images, please head here.

I’m very literally about to be passed the realm of craving a proper bike ride and am straight into the land of just not caring anymore. It’s been so long I don’t even remember what it’s like. Lucky for yinz however, I still care enough to at least engage in my civic duty and take part in the dialog regarding opening Bay Area watershed land to bikes;
Which is what I did last night;
IMG_3973 (1)
You can tell there are at least some cyclists present as proven by people who are still wearing their helmets, well into the meeting because safety first.

I’ll have nearly a full report on that on Monday. There probably won’t be a lot of traction made on this plan before the new year, so there’s still time to send in letters to regional representatives, or whatever.

The short version is that I left early, and at least one cyclist present (which wasn’t me) plead his case with the microphone actually almost inside of his mouth.

Finally, before we leave, I’d like to make my nearly weekly announcement that Cranpa from FBM just released another moving picture;



– cranpa

Those kids with their wheelies, and jumps and such…

And with that, please keep your head and hands inside the car at all times.

The train is leaving the station.

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