It’s the Union’s fault.

With Labor Day landing last Monday, I thought Tuesday was Wednesday, and Thursday was Friday, and Friday was Monday.

I blew a physical therapy on Wednesday by showing up on Tuesday Morning, and then forgetting about it until Thursday, and then mentioning on Friday that I’d be gone for the week, thinking I was going to be in Las Vegas today. It’s a wonder I can get out of my own way.

So yeah… Like I was saying on Friday, I’m going to be out until Monday.

I think.


Hey, but let’s get on with some fantastic bits of whimsy and wonder, shall we?

First things first- I have a birthday coming up this Friday. Please to anyone who feels so inclined, please get me this;
For the sound nerds in the audience, this interview with Mr. Sanju Chiba is pretty interesting. Especially when he begins discussing the differences, and advantages and disadvantages between digital and analog at about six minutes in;

He then goes on to offer a very endearing perspective;

Music in vinyl records is more valuable than money. That’s why, to revitalize analog music should be very, very important. Not only for current people, but also for next generation people. For me, listening to the analog music makes me peaceful and relax.

I am all in, and would very much like to spend an afternoon with that sweet, sweet man.

I should probably take this opportunity to re-remind folks that I went and did the fool thing of putting a record out for a hard rock and/or roll band from the southland called Who Rides The Tiger in that same format Mr. Chiba so enjoys;
I did it because I think they are a real good band, and I wanted to own it on vinyl myself.

So basically I paid thousands of dollars and waited months for a copy of my own. Perhaps there are other folks who would like a copy of it as well, and if that’s the case, I have them for sale right here.

And if by chance you’d like an auditory sampling of what the newly recorded additional track sounds like, you can fill your ear holes here;

That track is called Bandini Mountain, which is not as pretty as one might think.

In news from The Mail Bag, Tyler got in touch with a corespondence that is an adventure all unto itself;

Do flip-flops count as shoes?

I awoke less white than when I passed out with 1.5 foot dhongs on. The watch on my wrist read “dick thirty” and rudimentary phallus is strewn about by exposed flesh.
Godammit tyler
The flip-flop is a definite grey area. While you certainly could enter a business who had a ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service’ sign in the window while wearing flip-flops, and they’d keep you from cutting your foot on broken glass, in my mind, they count as a shoe as much as a slipper would in terms of passing out in them, but a line has to be drawn somewhere, so I will allow it.

Socks are not shoes. Even super heavy socks are not shoes. I’d say a sock with a rubber or leather sole though? That would pass the ‘N.S.x3’ rule, and therefore the wearer would be subject to the Sharpie rule.

Meanwhile, in other parts of reality, middle-aged men in Lycra ‘are a turn-off for new cyclists.

I totally get that. I also get nearly middle-aged men acting like spoiled douchebags might have the same effect;
As I reported a few days ago on the AHTBM Instagram account, sources say police apprehended him by hitting him on the head with a gigantic hammer.

I’ve never liked Critical Mass, and only took part in one when the CMWC was in San Francisco in 1998. I understand the motivation behind it, and what the original organizers wanted to accomplish with it, but at this stage in the game, it does nothing but piss people off.

When I was a messenger I worked a later shift, so on that final Friday of every month, I had to actually navigate Critical Mass to do my job, and would regularly get yelled at for cutting off their flow, or whatever. Furthermore, on the following Monday when all the little goofball protestors were back living their normal life, it was the messengers who took a brunt of the anger still boiling over after the weekend.

I even almost got doored once by someone who drove their bike to the event.

No thanks. It’s over stayed its welcome, and Captain Dipshit Moustachio up there is now the poster boy for it.

Well played, kook. I’m sure you’re feeling pretty proud.

Well, it’s with that, that I say ‘alrighty then’. Here is to rejoining forces in a few days time. For those of you who are going to be glazed over with the 1000 yard stare here;
I’ll maybe catch you there.

But without a doubt, I’ll catch you here;

Assuming any of us can remember what day it is.

I blame the unions.

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3 Responses to “It’s the Union’s fault.”

  1. nthn September 15, 2015 at 12:41 am #

    If that were my wife (who owns more and rides bikes more than your average 39 year old douchebag) driving that car I would be pissed as HELL!

    That whole posse provoked an unsuspecting victim and then escalated into violence. I hate lousy drivers as much as the next guy, but scaring drivers into “running you over” pathetic.

    ” . . . my new helmet . . .” clipped to my rack. Poor baby.

  2. JT September 20, 2015 at 1:48 pm #

    i will only use staples from now on,……. so much for peaceful critical mass. that was a critically full mass of dickheads….. i would rolled down the window and grabbed his bike and drug it away with me……douche

    • James September 27, 2015 at 8:16 am #

      Now I know why people hate cyclists. . . .