It’s gonna be one of those days, V.2.


Do you ever feel like you might have died, but you just haven’t realized it yet?

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned that Jmak had decided he was going to do a rally call for a spontaneous Wizard Staff celebration;
No matter what you were doing, or no matter where you were, you had to drop everything and get cracking on a staff assembly.

I’ll be damned if that’s not just exactly what he did this past Friday, so Saturday morning I arrived to his house with a ridiculous amount of beer and one roll of tape.

And that’s what we did.
That there at the end of my staff is of course my new GoPro;
-With which I filmed the shit out of some stuff;
I kinda ran out of steam as far as documenting things at about 17 cans deep, and then the battery died so it’s anybody’s guess as to what’s currently on the camera.

I guess time will tell.

Those seventeen cans, which ultimately turned into twenty two, unfortunately (at least entirely) cannot be blamed for why today’s post sucks.

That’s just the cosmos at work.

Lucky for us however, we have the mail bag to fall back on, the first bit of which comes from a woman named Vanessa in New England, and involves a thing near and dear to my heart. That thing of course, being balls;

Hi Stevil,

Hope all is swell. The East Coast Greenway Alliance is working to complete a 2,900-mile traffic-separated trail from Maine to Florid, and we present a killer event every year called the New England Builders’ Ball that kicks of KMC Cyclocross Festival in Providence;
nebb_poster2015 (1)
This year it’s October 2. Think you could help us get the word out to some of your adoring fans? More info can be found here. Poster attached. Artwork by Kris Henry, 44 Bikes.

Thanks and thanks again!


Remember when I mentioned the NEBB last year, and I included the selection of following images?;
I didn’t either until about five minutes ago.

Hilarious though, because balls.

Between Monday’s post, and the Interbike reports, I very narrowly blew mentioning that.

Sadly, Dayton got in touch with an event flyer and a few words regarding some goings on this past Sunday that completely fell through the cracks. I can only hope I can somehow redeem myself;

Hey Stevil.

Great work lately with your entertainment feed. I continue to enjoy it after a year of injury (slipped disc) has kept me off the bike beyond the occasional gentle cruise. And it’s not just because you got hurt too.

In terms of art not sucking, I wanted to pass this particular work along – I think you’d appreciate it.

And if you haven’t yet caught the genius of Nicholas Gurewitch, do yourself a favor and catch up

In terms of people riding bikes and having a good time together, I wanted to pass on an invite that perhaps you can promote. We’re putting together a simple little something here in Austin, TX – and we’d love some dirtbag attendance;
Lunar eclipse, check.
Checkpoints, check.
Start and end at Austin’s newest brewery? check.
Poster? Check.
Signup link? Check

Hope the Vegas was as horrible as I remember it, but the people as fascinating. (I like consistency to my biases)

– Dayton

The level of self loathing I usually maintain generally hovers around a seven or an eight, but having screwed up getting this flyer posted on time turns it up to a white hot eleven.

I apologize for my oversight, and I hope that Dayton, and the one person who might have known about it because of this site will forgive me.

In a smidgen of business news- Now that I’m a bit more mobile I spent all of yesterday darkening the door of local record stores in an effort to distribute the AHTBM Who Rides The Tiger record;
In the East Bay, I now have them at Amoeba, (pictured, where apparently $10 European posters are also available), Econojam Records, and 1-2-3-4 Go!.

Certainly, if you happen to be, or have an in with a buyer at your own local slab shack, please forward me the contact info. I overestimated the power of distribution through this site, so I’m certainly interested in reaching out to shops directly.

Finally in closing, we will part ways with a bit of contact from Cranpa;


Good to see you in Vegas, I’d hoped I’d be dead when we met up.


New Stokeage from FBM.

– wu tang cran

Two points-
Seamus has got a screw loose, and the rumors of Cranpa’s demise have been greatly exaggerated;
Now, if I could just figure out if the same could be said for me.

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  1. pedalman September 30, 2015 at 5:56 am #

    Thanks for sharing your radness with the rest of the world. Keep up the good work!