Hollering into a vacuum.


Is anybody out there?

More importantly, are you still feeling sane?

As a preface to today’s post I’ll briefly mention that in recent months I’ve refrained from bringing up any political discourse here on this site for two reasons-

One being that it’s everywhere you look, and two because at least this time around, I wanted to be able to provide at least some safe space where folks could come where it didn’t exist.

To the rest of the word, I apologize that we as the powerhouse America is, couldn’t do better.

Anyhow, tomorrow’s the big day, whatever happens is going to, and I can’t help but assume that no matter what, it’s going to be a drag.

Rest assured that I will remain at my post, at least until the thought police come and drag me away, and will continue to divvy out the nonsense on as regular a basis as I always have.

Vote Kinevil in 2020.

Today we’ll do a bit of a recap, because as of late, I seem to have been busy only getting half the job done.

For the last month or so I’ve been promoting the annual Hairnet Ride, which got postponed, and rescheduled, and then on a rainy morning two weeks ago finally happened.

A small but hearty group met up at our local coffee joint and hung out for a spell until we realized no one else was going to be arriving. We discussed that it was possibly because of the date changed, or if it’s because word has finally gotten out that a 10 to 35 miles mixed terrain ride that takes six to eight hours isn’t worth a serious cyclist’s time.

It was at that point as the clouds parted, we slammed the last bit of our hot brown, and headed up the hill with a full array of both ducking, and dodging, as well as shucking and jiving;
Even though no women made the scene this year, (it was just the lot of us knuckledragging mouth breathers), and it was a much smaller group than in years past, we still had an extremely lovely time.

I realize now that I’ve engaged in all forms of cycling (social and otherwise) over the years ranging from racing to death marches to fast paced group rides, and so on, the meandering booze cruise through the woods, and backroads is most certainly my favorite.

Another individual in our realm who I believe feels similarly of course is Paul from Atomic Cycles, as he’s coming through with information on another one of his events;


OUr 6th annual SCUMBAG MTB club ride is upon us.

Where: Stough Canyon Park At the top of Walnut by the golf course in Burbank CA at Stough Canyon Nature center.

When: Sunday November 13th. 7:30 arrive 8 am SHARP depart. Rain or Shine! SCUMBAGS are known to get dirty;
What: Up to SCUMBAG POINT about a 4 mile climb, not so bad.


We will convene at Paul’s house for another DETH MOTO and after party. We have a new and improved “DICK TRACK”;

Paul de Valera Gamers Local 2112

So one thing I’m not clear on- When Paul refers to going to the Dick Track at Paul’s house, is he referring to another person named Paul, or is he referring to himself in the third person?

I guess the only way any of yinz can find out for sure would be to be present. And do me a favor and shoot some photos for me. This actually looks like it’s going to be an hugely, (and based on the photos of Dick Track, a potentially tetanus-ie) good time.

Similarly, Paul of Paul Component Engineering recently hosted the first of what I can only assume will be many Pauloween cross races at his Chico, California headquarters. Unfortunately I was unable to make the scene due to the aforementioned Hairnet Ride the following day. Thankfully I have the sharp eye of Zack in my corner, and his images speak volumes more than anything I’d be able to write possibly could;
Photos courtesy of Zack Cunningham.

Those folks within the Paul Comp camp clearly need to learn how to have more fun.

Finally in closing- From a third and totally different Paul I received a plea for some AHTBM goods for a similarly flavored event as those mentioned above out there in Pittsburgh that went down at the tail end of last month called Trail Fest. I sent the merch out with a simple request that he send some action shots and some sort of report in return.

Thankfully, even though he was actually working the event rather than getting dirty and scabbed in it, he shot me back the following;


The swag you sent for Trail Fest was a big hit and was chosen first of all the prizes (most where taken by the winners of the slow race, using Days of Thunder, rubbings racing rules);
I’ll give a more detailed report with photos as soon as I can. Sadly, I was playing host/park ranger and wasn’t able to get many action shots of riding.


Paul Trusty

I can’t fault Paul for not being in the action, as he was in the position of trying (to some degree or another) control it.

I appreciate his efforts all the way around, and just simply getting contact regarding the goings on of all three Pauls helps me to realize while most days I might be hollering into a vacuum, at least someone out there is hearing it.

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2 Responses to “Hollering into a vacuum.”

  1. Stretch November 7, 2016 at 8:02 am #

    Thanks again for the backroad whiskey rippin dirt churchin good times, bud. Bummer you missed out on Pauloween to hang with us sad sacks, but I ‘ppreciate ya!!

  2. Paul November 7, 2016 at 1:58 pm #

    The track is shaped like a dick n’ balls. I had a friend come over and ask me what I did on my day off. I told her I made a bmx track in my yard, “wha how… “I’ll draw it, I said being that is was dark. So I handed her the picture and she said it looked like a dick, hence the name. Enjoy!