One foot in front of the next.

Oh hi there. How are we today? Still cowering in a state of shock?

Yeah, that’s kinda where I am too, but I’m still continuing to try snd keep my heart and soul together by burying myself in one project or another, or at the very least sleeping as much as possible.

As a matter of fact, it was just on Tuesday when besieged by the voices in my head, I finally followed through with a task I’d previously tentatively promised a couple of folks who’d made contact about it, and went ahead and made a playlist on Spotify;

Previously to this I didn’t know exactly what Spotify was, but when my old iPod recently took a dive, I investigated it. Though I still don’t exactly know what it is, I was at least able to figure out how to make the aforementioned playlist so there you go.

For those who might be interested in something a little more danceable, I have this one right here;

However, for those who prefer the smell of weed and mildew, I have this one.

Turn it up. Or you know… don’t. It’s only marginally worse than Freedom Rock.©®™

So, in a rare moment of clarity on Wednesday while out and about on just about one of my finest mountain bike rides of 2016;

It occurred to me that since I don’t have to deal with minimum orders of the new and (if I do say so, super fantastic) All Hail Stuntman Association jackets;

-I should be able to submit the orders on a monthly basis, resulting in a more consistent turnaround than I initially thought, and will allow the jackets to be in the store on a permanent basis. Sometimes my brain works pretty well, and sometimes it doesn’t. This was an instance when it sorta did both.

I’ve never said it before, but it’s a goddamned Crassmas miracle.

So if you want one now, or you want one in a month, or you want one whenever Scrooge McDuck finally presents you with that sorely overdue bonus you’ve been promised, I have you covered.

I would also like to mention new developments in the world of the 2017 AHTBM kits;

Besides having just a mere week and a half left in the order window, Kurtz made with the contact and asked if I could see my way to getting branded trail jerseys made. It was then that I put my nose to the grindstone, made a few calls, shot off a couple of emails, and did his bidding.

The TRAIL jersey (after selecting gender) is the one WITHOUT rear pockets or zippers, and is recommended for backpack/fannypacks, or general shenanigans.

So all you have to do is click on MTB jersey, click ‘select’ (in either gender), and the trail jersey option becomes available.

Easy peasy.

I’ve also been asked a few times about 3/4 zip versus full zip, and I’d like to note that ALL jerseys are ONLY available in full zip this year, because 3/4 zip blows.

Now, getting on with a couple of bits of information that have slipped through my proverbial cracks these last couple of weeks, I’ll start with a communication from Chip regarding their recent Secret Squirrel Zanc SSCX event out there in the New Englands;


I know you are about to unleash hell on PDX but I thought I would share this video Thom P made of one of our races last weekend;

Cheers and may Satan watch over you.


Not surprisingly, when I clicked play on the video, this was the ad that appeared;

Skip ad‘? Not on your life, bub.

Then, another bit of contact that was made came from Ben Rainbow and his Back Alley Bike Repair up there in Seattle, Washington;

Hey Goose –

After breaking hearts at peeler clubs around PDX, after all the salt rimmed glasses are flipped, after all the Big Bears return to their tech-driven cubby holes, and after all the mud masked butts are tucked back into into their denims- y’all have but a couple short weeks to fatten up yer tires and reclaim the Green Zone.

This year’s edition of Back Alley Bike Repair’s Shortest Day/Longest Night Get Dowwn Downhill has something to get off its chest. This year we will be doing our wee bitty group ride, then storming Beacon Hill’s dirty backdoor with 3 greazy chutes in our now typical urban downhill time trial format;

I took to a recon mission with reps from Smooth Jazz Lines and Orange Crane. We were blessed by the greenness of Easy Does It Rock. We smudged with the forest gnomes and we primed the jets at Slowboat Tavern.The table is set. This year’s routes will favor high volume rubber finesse over Sveness. And because Seattle has a deep well of fly girls and boys, he may want to put this year’s event into his Apple Watchlet…


Ben very kindly not only notified me about this event last year, but once the dust (mud/hangovers/whatever) settled, he came though with photos and words, both of which illustrated and conveyed what appeared to be a high time indeed. If frolicking in the woods with friends and libations, while falling ass over tea kettle down slippery and fern enshrouded elevator shaft descents sounds like a set of activities you could invest some of your emotional state in, do what you have to in order to take part.

Your abrasions and skull shattering hangover will thank you for it.

It’s not slipping and hitting the deck on a banana peel, but it’ll get the job done just the same.

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2 Responses to “One foot in front of the next.”

  1. Trama December 16, 2016 at 5:50 pm #

    Yep still cowering (read: slamming extra beers and spending extra time in the woods) and in a state of shock. That Kona looks to have many springy bits, those kine of bikes just make me crash at a much higher speed. Dang things.

  2. Aaron D.C. Edge December 17, 2016 at 4:27 pm #

    Both playlists are pure gold, well done sir. Hope you don’t have any live wires still submerged in your dungeon, because, well, that would make things worse (if only for a moment, your last moment).

    Since we all love you, don’t get electrocuted.