Sometimes in life you’re the sandwich,

-and sometimes in life you’re the mouth.

Currently I have a wizbanging bit of news to share, but because I’m still sorting out the details, I should have everything sorted by Wednesday.

So in light of that, for today I’ll just do a quick rundown of a few other business related matters.

Firstly, the clock is ticking loudly on the closure of the 2017 AHTBM kit window.

As of right now, we have about two weeks, so strike while the iron’s hot.

If you’d like the full run down, I have the full skinny here;
If I do say so, that is a damn fine looking bit of body wear.

I should also note that besides all the other comings and goings we’ve been dealing with around here, I have the newest shirt of the month offering ready for pre-order;
The down side is you have to wait. The upside is that when you get it, the envelope will probably have candy is it. That is of course unless I eat it all.

I also mentioned Friday that I have the brand spanking new edition of the AHTBM fanzine available now;
As I may have previously noted, though I’m already looking towards number six, I’m quite proud of this effort, and hope that folks enjoy reading it even more than I enjoyed making it, which truthfully was not very much. Making things is for poor people.

So as to not make this post all about what I’m trying to sell in order to put food on the table, Steve got in touch with a bit of news that he himself is involved in;
He then followed it up with an email containing actual pertinent components of the package;

Your PO Box is supposed to be on fire soon. I wrote you a little love note, but forgot some super important information. The following will make more sense when you read the note. As to informing your three readers about the Gears 4 Good socks, I failed to mention payment methods for ordering. PayPal – donate(at)gears4good(dot)org, Venmo – Gears4Good, or if they’re in the Monterey area, I’m happy to meet up. Any questions can be sent to steve(at)gears4good(dot)org. Thanks, homie!


So there you have it. If a pair of new foot bags and helping out a damn fine effort appeals to your sensibilities, then to the aforementioned three of you, there you go.

Secondly, my old compatriot of the mean streets (former messenger buddy) Joe made with some contact detailing a pie he currently has his own fingers stuffed into;


Straight up, this is a shameless plug.

Some friends and I have made a riding shirt with reflectivity for visibility at night

It’s not just reflective added, we custom made the textile using 3M reflective material woven in;
In addition to the reflectivity we patterned the shirt in a riding position rather than the traditional block pattern and cut the the back panel on the bias to add stretch where it is most needed. We also added bonded wind blocking to the inside chest keep you extra warmish when wind gets chilly. Additionally we included a traditional rear pocket for your stuff and crisp welded cuffs;
Although the samples have been too small for me to ride with (size Medium) and test personally, they have all been really nice and the overall quality of the shirt is great.

Here are links to our press release, a bank of images, and our kickstarter.

Please let me know what you think. Any post on AHTBM or feedback would be very very welcome.

Hope you are well.
See you at Cole or the curb in Rockridge.


These shirts possess three qualities I generally find myself attracted to. One they are sharp looking, two they are visible, and the third being that they can be both of these things, but is far more functional than what I usually wear in order to execute the first two;
Now at this juncture of today’s post you might be feeling a bit gypped, on account of the fact that I simply rehashed previously posted fodder, or just plugged other people’s projects, and to that I can only apologize and note that over the course of the weekend, I found myself literally well-immersed in other pressing issues;
That right there is my studio, and while those who might follow along on the AHTBM Instant Grahams are possibly up to speed on the saga, I would guess that most folks might not be. So instead of spending the weekend thoughtfully crafting today’s post, I instead spent it trying to reverse, or at least assess the damage brought on by gallons, and gallons, and gallons of rain water that made its way into my domain.

I can almost totally promise that I’ll do better next time.

As I said at today’s post’s opening, sometimes in life you’re the sandwich, and sometimes in life you’re the mouth, however in this instance, I dutifully assumed the role of the butthole.

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3 Responses to “Sometimes in life you’re the sandwich,”

  1. Raymond Epstein December 12, 2016 at 8:51 am #

    To answer ATDI’s recent query, one good munch will usually do the trick…

  2. Tom Purvis December 14, 2016 at 6:20 am #

    At least that water’s clear. I’ve been involved in basement water cleanup that involved little scraps of toilet paper and turd.

    As is almost always true of tragedy, it can always be worse

    • Stevil December 14, 2016 at 6:32 am #

      I’m more than well aware, and not complaining in the least.