Trying with might.

I’m freaked out. I won’t sugarcoat that because it’s affecting my day to day everything.

I long for the days just a scant few months ago when I could wake up, scan a few media feeds, assemble a post and go on with my day, carrying only a small portion of the world’s weight on my shoulders. Certainly as the months and years that are ahead of us go by, I expect this worry and weight to grow, and I will try with all that I am to not let it taint the forum which we have built here together.

Clearly, there are more than enough places to turn to if you want your own personal seeds of fear to germinate, and I don’t want this to be one of them. These days I’ve found inspiration/light-heartedness hard to come by, but it is because I appreciate the community we have here enough to attempt and offer an environment devoid of negative influences. It’s as much for my own sanity’s well being as it is for yours.

To the people who’ve made contact and offered me words of support and encouragement recently, I can’t thank you enough. They have made for a mighty fine safety net when I find myself free falling into dark places.

Back into 2012 I found myself in similar circumstances, and it was with help from my wife, family, friends, and readers of this very website that I was able to right my proverbial ship. It was also due in part to a video I found featuring an interview with a man named John Major Jenkins, who was largely responsible for deciphering the Mayan Calendar;

I would love to offer a CliffsNotes version of his perspective, but his is far too complex to do so.

One point that he makes is that 2012 marked the end of a cycle, and at that point we would begin to see the breakdown of the establishment. This includes church, the government, and so on. It’s the start of the pendulum swinging back, and a re-setting of a sort of clock. Like doing a deep clean of your apartment, and as is a rule of nature, things must get way worse before they can get better.

It offered solace to me only in the realization that as things begin to collapse, the best anyone can hope for is to be present in the process surrounded by the people who you love.

Again, part of the reason I say this is to hear it coming from my own mouth, but to also immerse myself in it with like minded human beings. Dare I say that we here are a community of empaths, and as such, when the world hurts, we hurt, and these days it would seem as though there far more of that to go around than is reasonable.

We’re going to get through this, and if periodic affirmations can help at all, as I avoid news feeds when I feel as though my brain can’t take any more, I will continue to make them.

So it’s with that, that I ask the people reading these words right now to do me a favor and not only remember the sweetest components of your life, but to check in with me from time to time and share them. It’s important for me, and by extension, important for people who come here to find sanctuary to not only know that they’re not alone, but almost more importantly, that we stand together in a pursuit for a better world.

In the meantime, and in order to provide just a bit of levity, I predict that T***p’s stay in office won’t last more than six months;

As cyclists, we’re all too aware just because something claims it’s here to stay, doesn’t mean it is;

All of that gives me hope, and as I’ve said here before, if I don’t have that, I have nothing.

As I continue on with today’s post, I would now like to offer up a slice of just exactly what I mean, coming from Cranpa of Cranpa and his Least Most;

I think that right there is a perfect example of embracing that in life which is sweet, though I doubt their downstairs neighbors would be inclined to agree.

Finally, because I’ve spent more of my free time riding bikes, painting, and putting the finishing touches on my Nerd-Off entry, than I did penning a post, I’ll leave you with the majesty of the air drummer formerly known as Kevin Dabbs;

For those who don’t know the back story, to the best of my addled recollection, it goes like this- Canadian kid video tapes himself playing air drums, kid forgets video tape when he moves out of his house. Roommates find video tape, and have their minds blown. One of said roommates works at a local club and plays video tape between bands. Upon seeing this, a member of (if memory serves) the Mr. T. Experience pleads with owner of tape for a copy. Copy is brought back to San Francisco, and duplicates are made. Soon the air drummer formerly known as Kevin Dabbs is an underground sensation. Local reporter tracks him down to notify him of his stardom, Kevin is flummoxed. From that point, his legend only increases, with the video being shown everywhere from news reports to MTV. The rest, as they say, is history.

For a low-aimer like myself, becoming a viral star before there was any such thing is nearly as high an achievement as I can conjure, and so it is for the air drummer formerly known as Kevin Dabbs that I refrain from putting bananas in my ears only long enough to offer him a salute.

It is with that, that we’ve run out of juice in our safe space, and back into the sand I go.

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7 Responses to “Trying with might.”

  1. pedalman January 25, 2017 at 7:31 am #

    Choke full of radness (minus rock racing). Thanks for that!!

  2. Mike Moore January 25, 2017 at 10:50 am #

    I don’t know what Rock Racing is (will be consulting the googleplex post haste), but it looks full of jocko douchebaggery complete with MMA style packaging.

    Regarding the Tronald Dump hemorrhoid currently attached to our collective asses…I’m trying hard to find a silver lining. The thing that’s keeping me going is that it will be both relatively short lived and a grand (but gilded and grotesque) lesson. My hope is that maybe the knuckle draggers and mouth breathers will see some sort of light, and that those of us with a more progressive way of thinking will be proven right (again?). We have the choice and power to let the darkness linger, or shine a spotlight on all that is wrong.

    Keep doing what you do, and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  3. hellbelly January 25, 2017 at 10:50 am #

    I have a few hopes for a post T***p world. Let’s hope that Mr Pence meets some awful (and deserving) fate simultaneously. I said way back that he is far scarier having way more political power to further his hateful ends. He is the GOP’s goal…
    In the meantime, I sincerely hope that A. the most flamboyant gay dance parties break out everywhere Pence goes, some one does a “Santorum” with his name and/or saving that he gets pelted with rocks and garbage in any public venue.

  4. Alex January 25, 2017 at 11:38 pm #

    Someone announced to me, “I was born to do drugs.”, around 9 years ago, “The end of the world is going to happen in 2012.” I didn’t follow, hadn’t done that much drugs either. That man continued to be “born to do drugs”. He expressed he had had nightmarish visions of an apocalyptic occurrence, hellfire, trembling earth, endless horrors and atrocious deeds of humanity consumed him.
    As I said, I couldn’t follow him and his ways or his expressions. He had found the Mayan Calendar webpage and began researching, “hacking” he called it.
    Ultimately I found the resource and ended up Messiah Complexing myself into a non-conformist against the grain type hell-bent on seeking “something more” to keep me bound to this planet, convince I was here on the planet to save the planet and humanity, to “help” none the less when help, as I was told, was unnecessary. One thing after another from the family to convince me that I wasn’t here for any other reason than to sustain in a corrupt world, but I’d gone off the edge. What I was attempting to convince friends and family and open stranger ears was that I have seen a path to a “better world” which I had. I have since regained a hold on reality what what my parents instilled in me to be a good and sane sort although along with that have instilled in myself a strong and futuristic standpoint for myself that takes no explanation to anybody as where before I was attempting to spread the thoughts I had washed into my brain to anybody that had ears. It killed relationships I had with me my entire life. Friends and family thought I had flown off the edge without the ability to come to and continue. But I have myself here a good few findings, some I live by and some I merely contemplate through life’s relentlessly mundane cycle of the day after day.

    1. Trrance and Dennis McKenna’s discovery of the Time Wave based off of research done through the I Ching. Same findings as can be predicted through the Ancient Calenders but of a more modern expression calculatable through use of I Ching coin toss, subsequently developing Time Wave Theory on the personal computer.

    2. Buddha’s Dharma as a philosophy, so as to translate into Western thought for myself. Many good points in the Dharma assisting me to live more efficiently and less dependently on this planet and it’s human so as to leave this planet having made very little negative impact, if anything to leave it better as I found it.

    3. Bicycle for life because I am going to depend on myself, not fossil fuels and life assistance tools such as automobile. At the least the bicycle is the least mundane thing in my life. It increases my potential with every revolution and I laugh and grin because on the road people are in their autos not even thinking they are koffins, not even knowing I am really glad they are in their and that I am separated from them.

    More to say some other day. Stëvil, this will be my last comment and that was my final email. I am going to stay away from this here AHTBM. At least until my model is complete for the Nerd-Off entry.

    P.s. I swear Ken Kesey, Tim Leary and the McKennas have something to do with what is happening this day in age.

    • tippycup January 26, 2017 at 9:32 am #

      He’s gonna get sniped….just go ride the bikecycle and chill the fuck out…..

  5. Caroline January 26, 2017 at 10:00 am #

    I cheered a race on Mount Tabor with a certain tattooed Rock Racer in attendance… and got booty called by him later. I still got his number in my phone if you want it. CLAIM TO FAME!

  6. One Eyed z January 26, 2017 at 2:01 pm #

    Decided that between the dumpster fire that is our currently president, being told by my employer I’m not worth more pay, and the collapse of what I thought was a long term relationship (one that I just rented a new house with that cost more per month than I make) I am swinging from a thread above the pit of despair in bizzaro world.
    But…. The sun still rises in the east, I still ride bicycles everyday, and I still have your little corner of the internet to entertain me.
    Thank you Stevil