Who has two thumbs and likes to Friday?

Not these people.

Good morning, and good week’s end to you.

Have you any special plans for the two days ahead? I hope so. For my part, it looks like the rain is coming back, so I’d imagine I’ll be found beneath the covers whimpering quietly.

E’erybody got they own kind of hobby.

First things first, it’s come to my attention that Portland Design Works co-founder, and man about town, DPow! has been working with Blackburn Design on some goods, the partial fruit of which can be found here;

It’s a good watch, and if you have eighteen minutes and twenty seconds to kill at some point, I encourage you to do it here.

It’s a fun history lesson of a thing that which so many of us enjoy.

If I had any criticism, (which of course I do, because I’m me), I’d note that there aren’t too many folks of color included in the saga. And by ‘aren’t too many’, I mean any at all).

Perhaps the reality is that there aren’t too many folks of color who care to engage in such bikecycle types of adventures, but I doubt it.

Just the same, I did enjoy putting a bit of information into my brain that didn’t involve new levels of either self doubt, self loathing, or both.

At this juncture I feel as if I would be remiss not to mention the recent tragic death of cycling legend Steve Tilford;

Photo courtesy CX Magazine.
It wasn’t until after Wednesday’s post was published that I got the news via a group text. Up to that point I was in the dark because perhaps understandably, in recent months I’ve limited my internet consumption to little more than cat videos and articles about Lance Mountain.

Personally I didn’t know Steve, had never spoken with, or to my knowledge, even crossed paths with him.

Clearly he was a larger than life character whose existence and influence touched the lives of legions, the absence of which is crushing.

I can only offer my condolences to those closest to him, and acknowledge a regret that I didn’t get the chance to be one of them.

Moving on from that form of regret, to another entirely, it was within the last couple of weeks when I was riding skateboards with a fellow named Barker Barrett when he asked me if I’d heard of a Brooklyn based band called The Giraffes. I had not, so after I did a bit of investigating, they quickly came to be a bit of a mainstay in my collection of sounds.

And of course, the following low resolution clip embodies everything I could hope for a video to;

All I’m left with is the question of why it took me this long to be clued into them.

I’m looking at you, friends in and around the five boroughs.

You can bet that if another great band ever emerges from the Bay Area (until the next economic collapse, one won’t), I will keep it a closely guarded secret until well after their demise.

While we’re on the topic of an economic collapse in the Bay Area, it can’t happen soon enough;

For those who didn’t click on the link above the image of garbage, the short version is that after a sunny Saturday in San Francisco’s Dolores Park, that is just a smidgeon of what was left behind.

As I read the article, I was struck by a relation between this and the mentality of those who insist on leaving their bags (or un-bagged) piles of dog crap behind, because really- doesn’t everything boil down to dog crap?

I see this as being a glaring (and terminally infected) symptom of population who has no connection or ownership of the environment in which they live.

Take pride in your local park, as you would take pride in your local trails. They are both things that we’re indescribably lucky to have access to, so why on Dog’s green earth would you abuse that?

Of course we’re talking about a population of species who on a much grander scale have put an admirable foot forward in the destruction the planet on which we live, so perhaps it’s just best that we get wiped out by an asteroid so the cycle can start over again. Only next time, maybe the planet’s inhabitants won’t be such selfish assholes.

Now, as we begin to make our ways part, I’d like you to look at this;

That right there is my personal Strawfoot easter egg. In it are all kinds of sweet goodies that you might like to have for your own, and soon, you can attempt to make it so;

As I mentioned in this post, my plan was to spend all day April 12th riding around in the woods, posting photos of various landmarks as I went. It’s entirely possible that the weather gods are gonna rub their junk all over that directive however, and if that is in fact what transpires, I of course have a plan B up my sleeve.

Who’s got two thumbs and can just as easily spend the day hopping from bar to bar, all the while sitting on them both?

Most definitely, this guy.

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6 Responses to “Who has two thumbs and likes to Friday?”

  1. jd leonard April 7, 2017 at 8:28 am #

    “If I had any criticism, (which of course I do, because I’m me), I’d note that there aren’t too many folks of color included in the saga. And by ‘aren’t too many’, I mean any at all).”

    When I read that I wondered how there could be 18 minutes about bike travel without mentioning the most bad-ass bikepackers of all time, the first organized trans-am, the buffalo soldiers on steel steeds, the 25th infantry bicycle corps.

    And lo, there they were.

  2. DoubleDeed April 7, 2017 at 8:32 am #

    But bro, I shop at Whole Foods. This is my contribution, bro.

  3. Case April 7, 2017 at 8:59 am #

    Dolores Park. Wow. It’s amazing how hard shitbags work at not giving a fuck about anything or anyone, and not in a good way.

  4. velorambling April 7, 2017 at 9:30 am #

    Worlds collide often when I am reading your blog thingie. I grew up with Barker and rode/broke bmx bikes with him before he went on to skateboard fame. His father is an antique toy dealer. One day we were in his room and playing with ninja stars (as 13 year old boys do) When I threw one and it went through a picture frame, cracked the glass and ripped a first edition Star Wars poster his dad rather forcefully suggested I should leave. Needless to say I wasnt his favorite.

  5. Eric April 8, 2017 at 2:02 pm #

    Looking at the photos in that about the trash in the park totally confirms a theory of mine: douchbags are synonymous with Whole Foods.

    Fuck, sometimes I think the world really needs a pandemic.

  6. scott April 9, 2017 at 7:45 am #

    Do they leave trash during the day? It’s got to be at night right. Close the park at night? Talk to the City and get someone out to monitor it. I can’t imagine it would be very hard to stop people from doing that if at least one person got bent about it. It looks like everyone using this park thinks this behavior is OK. Aren’t the Guardian Angels in Oakland? Get them out there to crack some skulls.

    I always giggle at how worked up you gets over people leaving their dog shit bags. There was a pretty great article in a Jeffco newsletter about the myth of the Poop Fairy that followed around behind dogs, catching their poo and spiriting it away. If this gains traction in CO, I would make little signs “There is no Poop Fairy” and stick them in the ground by the poo bags. Post pics of the offenders on the Poop Fairy website. You have to do something to shame these shit bags. That nonsense would not fly in Boulder where they take dog shit very seriously.