I’m leaving.

And I’m gonna be spreading mind control dust all over the place.

Now, because I work for myself from the confines of my own home, I rarely,
if ever know what date it is, let alone the day. Because of this, and as I was starting to enjoy my morning coffee yesterday I asked my wife if I was scheduled to leave on my walk about on Thursday, when abruptly corrected me and notified me I was leaving today.

In light of that, between throwing everything I own into two separate bags, I squeezed (squoze? squozed?) one final post out before I disappear into the ether and am potentially never heard from again.

Starting off, and just out of curiosity, might you on the regular ask yourself why is it that Bike Monkey rules?

Having watched that video a half dozen times in a row, I reckon we can now safely assume it’s because all of the reasons.

With your mental palate perfectly cleansed with that bit of goodness, I’ll now post up this clip of my dear friend and compatriot Mr. Barker Barrett doing one of the things what he does best;


It’s been said that he’s a curb whisperer.

I’ve spent a lot of time watching him do what he does, and I’m inclined to agree;

Though consistant and regularly scheduled rollerboarding is a thing I’ve fully re-immersed myself within over the last four years, my appreciation of it has never once wained.

And the lowly curb is the one constant that I’ve loved since the beginning, and it all stemmed from the beginning;

-and ending;

of the seminal Bones Brigade Video Show;

I’m a simple person with simple adorations.

Moving on to business of an AHTBM sort, and as an added reminder that though it may seem like I do nothing all day, I want to make note that there have been further developments on the wool jersey front.

As I mentioned here most recently, the process is plugging along. After Jay’s and my visit to the sew shop on Saturday, I made a solo return to plot where on the garment the embroideries would go;

I’d wager to bet that as you’re reading this, (assuming you’re reading this between today and the end of the month) the material is being cut, and assembled into each one of our dazzlingly handsome garments.

Upon my departure from the sew shop, one of the ladies who works there asked what my deadline was, to which I told her mid-October, or whenever I have to start riding in brisk fall weather, to which she chuckled, and told me she’d do the best she could.

From this point forward, as the process progresses I’ll be sure to include any pertinent updates here.

At this juncture in today’s post, and with the curtain beginning to fall, I’ll include a dispatch I received from Paul of Atomic Cycles detailing a brand new effort in his constant series of throw-downs that’s happening in just a few weeks time;


It’s time for Hacktacular 5!

A Sidehack is a 20″ BMX bike with a sidecar attached to it. You have a driver and a monkey (the person in the sidecar). They both have to work together to maneuver the bike around by leaning and hanging out to alter the weight of the bike. Taken from motocross from the 1970’s, BMX sidehacks had a brief time in the seminal days of BMX riding, racing, and development before fading back to obscurity. We will be doing an enduo style course where each team will have to pedal/push, push/push, ride/lean, etc. to guide their hack through the course. We will be doing 3 laps on bad pavement and dirt, there will be climbs, descents, twists and turns etc. You will be challenged!

You’ll need:

A side hack. Don’t have one? I have two loaners. If you need one let me know, I can bring it to the meet point.
A helmet. Gloves and other protection is a great idea. Sidehacks are a little unwieldy and you can lose control.

Water and snacks will be provided at no cost.


Sunday October 1st 8am meet, 9am roll.

Starbucks 23790 newhall ave. Santa Clarita CA 91321

Please send this to your friends. Thanks!

Paul de Valera Gamers Local 2112

Upon attempting to come across a suitable visual aide to accompany his email, I first found this, which made my heart completely melt;

Which was immediately followed by this, which I suppose we could file under ‘what could possibly go wrong?‘;

So if you’re in that part of the California state on that date, reach out to ol’ Paul and give him a how do you do.

It’s with that, I take my leave, and will cross paths with you again when I do.

For the time being, and at least for the next few hours, don’t look up, and whatever you do don’t breathe.

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6 Responses to “I’m leaving.”

  1. Nevid September 13, 2017 at 4:06 am #

    Rollerboarding was so much simpler… Back then… #mountianlance

  2. steveP September 13, 2017 at 7:29 am #

    Strange but true, SIdehacks were intended to be CCCC v2.0. That way you could have the cooler already with you on the trail.

  3. Dwight Trashe September 13, 2017 at 8:40 am #

    Nurd Herd, indeed. Ask Gene-O about what happens when looking up at aeroplanes…

  4. Cleavon September 14, 2017 at 4:03 am #

    For anyone interested in a skills clinic go to the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 catalogue and watch the “sidehackers” installment.

  5. yafro September 14, 2017 at 5:54 pm #

    Crazy Euro’s still race sidehack mx.

    Soundtrack rothnothagar but still just to annoy stevil.

  6. SCoopee September 15, 2017 at 2:20 pm #

    Side hack races. Fuck ya! Wish it wasnt the same day as WSCXGP …..dang it