Uselessly parting with some dollars.

As anybody who spends any amount of time on this here site knows, from time too time I conjure up some kinda product or another that I then try to sell in order to afford a bit of food and perhaps a little bit more product so that I can then repeat the process and so on.

One thing I pride myself is that I have never make anything that were just a simple, useless tchotchkies. Basically I get things made that I want myself, and then hope that other folks might subscribe to a similar aesthetic and pick one up for themselves.

It happens that two such items just landed at my HQ at the end of last week, and if yinzers were interested, I can tell you about them now.

Firstly, after four months of waiting, starts, and stops, I finally got my new batch of AHTBM Stuntman Association Yupoong 6606T Classic trucker hats;

The 6606T style hat is slightly different than the trucker hats I’ve done in the past, in that the crown is slightly shorter, so you don’t have to wash it a bunch of times to get it to settle down.

For what it’s worth, this style will be all I use going forward, because I love it that much.

And call be a blasphemer if you must, but I like it better than the original;

If you’d like care, I have black, and blue. You can get one, or the other, or both and have a set to match the bruising on your ass.

The second item I have on the block are these handsome enameled pins that just showed up directly from the underworld;

And by ‘underworld’, I mean Portland, and specifically a brand new vendor I’m working with called Brewery Outfitters.

I have an assortment of other goodies coming down the pipe from these folks, but for now we get what we get and we’ll like it.

Real quick before we get onto other matters, and relating to yesterday’s summit/man date, I would just like to quickly make the observation that calling Donald Trump a 71 year old man baby, an embarrassment, and/or a cancer is actually an insult to man babies, embarrassments, and/or cancer.

Now that I’ve made my position on the mater perfectly clear, let’s conclude with a bit of news from the mail bag.

Firstly from Cranpa of FBM Bikes, we have a whole bunch of valuable jibber jabber, that reads something like this;


We released a trail section from the FBM DVD ‘Lost In America”;

As well as two street sections from the DVD- 440 Volts.

One of Curtis Cantwell;

-And another with Donovan Allen;

We also have sever events coming up, FBM Open House on Saturday July 21st in Ithaca NY;

FBM Street Ride in Syracuse NY Sunday, July 22nd and an FBM Session with Circuit BMX In Providence Ri. at the Roger Williams Bike Park…

More Info here.

If you wanna share the dirt video that’d be rad… and maybe let people know about that OPEN HOUSE PLAYA!?

Thanks- Crandall/FBM

Did you get all that?


If you’re in the neck of the woods, and like to drink beer, burn things, and risk life and limb in celebration of all that’s right, well then by god, people- Get to the place and do the goddamned thing. I mean, if I were within 1,000 miles of it, I’d do everything in my power to get there. As it is, I’m not, and I can’t. This is what the burden not having a disposable income to throw around on random things (save for that stupid RC truck) looks like.

Like Cranpa, I might ever be about one bad decision away from homelessness, but I put my money where my mouth is, and nine out of ten times, that’s better than putting it down the drain.

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  1. thousand yard stare July 17, 2018 at 7:41 am #

    Watched television last night for the first time in awhile and eventually checked out the news. My perception is that we’re on the backside of the devolutionary curve and accelerating wildly. Thankfully I have solace in Stevil and FBM, spirits who exist on a higher plain!