Let’s get cracking.

Well shoot, dawgs- It’s been a spell since we’ve met up here together, so there’s no time to make some digital vomit like now.

First things first… I have not one but two items that might or might not blow your hair back. Firstly, on Friday I made my way into San Francisco and picked up a whole new batch of them snappy t-shirts I’ve been peddling;

If you’re interested in such things, the white printed shirts can be found here, and the gold printed shirts can be found here.

Now, sorta relating to that- It was in this post that I included the following photo of Kelsey shot at this past summer’s Sturdy Dirty Enduro;

Upon seeing that image I thought to myself, “self, we gotta get a proper enduro jersey done for people like her.

And though I admittedly endurdon’t, I still like to wear a moto jersey every now and again. It was with this inspiration that I hollered at the good people at Voler and asked what it would take to make such a thing happen. In discussions I came to find that they were about to launch a 3/4 sleeve but because it was so new, they don’t have the 3D rendering template so they actually had to make a jersey for me, and shoot a photo of it. Finally, after a couple of weeks worth of backs and forth, they reached out to me on Friday and said they are at long last good to go in both men’s and women’s cuts;

For those who are unfamiliar with L. Cehpher, I present to you the inspiration;

If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Angel Heart’, then I suppose you’ll remain in the dark.

Does the L stand for Louis, or Louise? That’s entirely up to the wearer.

Moving on from topics of one dapper individual to another- It was through Roger that I came across Nick Cave’s Q&A column called The Red Hand Files. In offering an A to a recent Q, he details his perspective on dealing with loss.

His response reminds me of a thing someone in this very audience emailed to me abut nine years ago which has become a vitally important mantra.

The pain that you feel is inversely proportional to the love that you felt.

Some here might be familiar with the saga of Nick and his wife Susie’s loss of their son, Arthur in 2015, or the documentary that followed, ‘One More Time With Feeling’;

His anguish was and continues to be almost palpable, and entirely relatable.

I appreciate his perspective on most things, but this one in particular I will hold onto with both hands.

I hope it serves you similarly.

Finally, I would like to mention that it was just before publishing Thursday’s post that I received notification from Travis of Paul Component Engineering that their annual Pauloween event was set to take place in a mere few days;

Well, because I post twice a week these days, and had no room in the Virginia/DC post, I plum ran out of time to get it up in a rapid fashion.

I am a real toad, and I take full responsibility for the misstep.

So let’s take a lesson from this, and on the chance you might like me to promote a thing, idea, function, etc, get me the goods at least a week in advance.

I’ve scoured the interwebs for some imagery and once again, it looked like a high time was had by everyone.

Don’t take my word for it. Peep out Angel Perez’s bad ass photo set and see for yourself;

I’ll make it to one of these someday, but you know, I don’t like to rush anything.

And it does my heart good to see that while engaging in all of these shenanigans, the kids were wearing their helmets.

So it goes, when drunken hijinx ensue, it’s important to protect your dome, lest your own nut get cracked.

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  1. Gripsgirl November 6, 2018 at 11:33 am #

    Well shoot, inversely proportional..that’s what it was. I too will be holding onto that with both hands. Say, did I tell ya that every time I get someone traveling to Oakland I think of the one n only AHTBM. And. every time I’m tempted to say to em- tell Stevil I say hi! Maybe I’ll throw that out there today n see what happens. Never know right?