Abstinence makes the heart go wronger.

When conjuring up today’s post title I came across the opening image, and then immediately following, found this one;

They’re both quite adequate and check every box in regard to what an opening image should be, so because I’m currently operating on two hours of sleep, I’m going to run them both.

Some might call me crazy, but I do believe I just shared with you one of the top five best kept secrets about being a marginally successful bike blog douchebag (same diff).

To kick off today’s batch of barely assorted wordings, I’d like to first include a couple of music visuals, the first of the two I came across the other night of Fleetwood Mac rehearsing a rendition of ‘Rhiannon’, the last two minutes of which has left me with my jaw dropped;

I’ve never been a huge fan of the band, but certainly appreciate them, as well as Lindsey Buckingham’s totally spastic mastery of the guitar.

This only intensifies said appreciation, and inches it ever closer to astonishment.

Secondly, I suppose as long as we’re on the topic of astonishment, I can’t rightly recall if I’ve posted this clip on the site before, but this one of The Cure in 1979 is absolutely mind numbing;

I never don’t appreciate the things that the Birthday Party, Genesis, Joy Division and so on were doing when I was just barely beginning to think of puberty, and how absolutely profoundly it affected not only me, but volumes of bands who have impacted the entire world, since.

Play either of those any time you feel down, forever.

Certainly a thing that makes me feel good is artwork, or perhaps specifically as it applies to the next segment, various interpretations of the practice. Relating to that, Larry sent me an email yesterday that got my black heart all a flutter;


(I normally email you from my godisdead(dot)com address, but sadly the security of that site is now compromised.) Your post of the properly modified and adorned cherubs on Instagram today reminded me that I wanted to share this with you.

From the first time I saw your practice of this artistic expression I too have been “re-purposing” various objects around the house in same fashion. And it was that inspiration that guided our costumes for Halloween 2018;

Thanks for continuing to shine the light of darkness upon the path I travel.

Enjoy the pics and use at will.

Both Friedrich Nietzsche and Anton LaVey are both somewhere smiling the toothiest smiles ever.

And if I smiled, I would as well.

At this point you might be making a mental note to yourself saying “wow… Today’s post kinda sucked. What’s with this guy?” To that I will say that yesterday marked 100 years since prohibition was repealed;

At least that’s what someone told me, and I always like an excuse to not do an internet search for something.

So anyway, I did what any good hearted derelict would do and adjourned to the tattoo shop with a twelve pack and watched my friend get a tattoo on herself.

Can you blame me?

I reckon, given the notable date, anything short of that would have just been the wrongest.

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2 Responses to “Abstinence makes the heart go wronger.”

  1. AK January 17, 2019 at 10:29 am #

    Repeal Day is a big deal around here, and we celebrate that on 5th December every year. We also observe Prohibition Day, but that is more of “I’m just drinking ’cause I can” type of deal, rather than a patriotic duty kind of drinking.
    To clarify –
    18th Amendment: Ratified on 16th January, 1919. Prohibited the production, transport and sales of intoxicating liquors.
    21st Amendment: Ratified on 5th December, 1933 and repealed the 18th. The Constitution can only be modified by an amendment, which means that it takes another amendment to change a bad idea.

    Is it bad that I know this?

  2. Aaron Edge January 19, 2019 at 11:04 am #

    “the last two minutes of which has left me with my jaw dropped”. Just like the drummer… but he was more amazed as his mouth was open for most of the song.