Kicking the week off right.

Hello, good new week, and copious pots of the hot brown stuff to all.

Here is to the hangovers all being distant memories, and bright eyes and bushy tails both being dead ahead.

First things first, we’ll turn over the trashcan that is the Mail Bag, as well as my brain and see what spills out.

Right out of the gate, I should announce that I finally got my act together, and have the Women/Satan moto jerseys comfortingly at home here in the AHTBM shoppe;

The men’s jerseys can be found here, and the women’s jerseys can be found here.

Of course this move was in response to someone complaining to (Voler) about said garment, resulting in (Voler) saying they’d take them off of the site. If you hadn’t caught the saga, the back story can be found here.

Anyhü- all’s well that ends well.

Just as I do with the Stunt Association jackets;

-and/or the Doma/AHTBM coffee;

I’ll forward the order information on to the manufacturer (in this case obviously, Voler), at which time they’ll fill the order, and I’ll eventually write them a check for what I owe.

This benefits us in a number of ways. Firstly, I make a greater percentage of the sales, the turn around will be exactly the same, manufacturing remains in place, my relationship with Voler doesn’t change, and the piss ants who originally lodged the complaint to begin with can go back to being calm and content with the perfectly healthy, perfectly normal reality in which we all currently exist.

Moving on, we have big news from RoseMary and her troupe at Portland Design Works which reads something like this;


We have an amazing giveaway going on that just hit the internet yesterday morning. We are very lucky to have some incredible friends in the industry, and some of them agreed to join us in giving away a bunch of totally wonderful, and actually useful commuter gear, all in the name of winter commuting.

We’re pretty much the dream team of brands, PDW, Surly, Chrome Industries, Abus, Brooks England, and Continental Tires.

For any of your readers who might be interested in winning a complete 2019 Surly Ogre, and all the bells and whistles, maybe pass this along. The giveaway goes until 4pm PST Monday January 21st – US residents only, we’ve had some sad Canadians this morning, and there’s nothing sadder really.

Anyone who enters, and also posts a winter riding photo on the grams #ALLDAYSARENICEDAYS will have their entry count as 10 entires.

Here are more details.

We hope your week & year are off to a wonderful start!


That’s just nuts… I do appreciate working with folks like PDW, because while they run their business, and crunch numbers, and fill out TPS reports, and whatever else, they put their money where their damn mouths are, and in my book, that’s worth a whole lot.

If you yourself maybe fancying one of them badass bikecycles, (and not being Canadian, *sad face emoji), follow RoseMary’s directions. Just as I tell myself any time I happen to play the lottery, I can’t win if I don’t play, and there’s no reason why I can’t be the one to emerge victorious….

So far I still haven’t won any lotteries, but it won’t keep me from trying. Likewise, why wouldn’t that Ogre and all the loot go home with any one of you dirtbags? No reasons that I can see.

While we’re on the topic of dirtbags, (and to both close out today’s effort as well as loop back around to delicious coffee), recently Thad very graciously bestowed some of his newly roasted finery on me, and if you have an addiction like I have an addiction, perhaps this might be of interest;

Because I’m an artist, and sometimes see things in the world where commoners do not, as a favor to Thad, I made a slight redesign on his bag, free of charge;

He says as of yet, there’s no site, so aside from sending smoke signals, you can try hitting him up on the Instantgrahams, or the Facebooks. Operators are most likely standing by.

So far, I love it, the ladies at my post office love it, and the stoners at the drug lab, where I spend three days a week in order to afford health insurance, love it. If we are satisfied, then I know yinzers are gonna be.

The cost of admission is a small price to pay for a good round of bleary eyed jitters.

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2 Responses to “Kicking the week off right.”

  1. Bottom Bogie January 15, 2019 at 9:19 am #

    Kinda an “expert” on fart sounds: “Pfffffffffffft” – the silent but deadly.
    “Phweeeee” – the tight butt squeaker.
    “Pbbbblllltttttttt”- the wet one

    • Hewhocannotbenamed January 19, 2019 at 1:13 pm #

      My text notification on my phone is a tight squeaker, which never fails to illicit at least one chuckle, and several sideeyed glares of admonishment from fellow passengers in my morning elevator ride to the top of Castle Greyskull. Unbeknownst to all who may send me a text(as I abhor actually speaking to another human being by phone, hearing mouth noises, nose whistles, and mouth breathing in between words,)that each time they press send, on the other end of the data pipeline it produces the sounds of lots of methane squeezing through a very tiny orifice.

      And I do that for humanity.

      King me.