Charging into the week.

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just don’t feel as if you can get out of your own way?

I do right meow, and it’s only Tuesday.

So far 2019 has been a bit of an asshole, but I’m not gonna bounce the kook from the party just yet. There’s still time for him to sober up and do right by me, but already my patience is wearing thin.

Thankfully, armed with our little trucks, Jimmy James and I went out and had a humdinger of a time two days ago at a favorite local playing spot of mine.

The trails were tacky, the weather was perfect, and as we descended into the creek bed, I took an opportunity to snap a photo of the flex;

I spent a fair portion of my childhood playing in ditches, creeks, creek beds and the like. There is something about the variation of the terrain that always fascinated me. Walk five feet and there is a whole new world to explore, and of course depending on the season, you might have a torrent, or you might have a trickle. This, of nearly any place I can think of is indeed one of my happiest.

But to be in a creek bed with a toy? I swear, this thing is so damned fun to play with, and I encourage anyone with even a passing curiosity to think about investing in one.

A number of people have reached out with questions regarding where to start, what model to invest in, what batteries I’m using or whatever… Firstly, I’m about as uninformed about any of this stuff as one could be. Jimmy James is my Obi Wan, and it’s to him that I look for answers;

Where I started was where I suspect most people do, and that’s with the Axial Bomber;

I opted for the ready to run version as opposed to the the kit because I figured I’d just cut my teeth on the stock model before engaging in upgrades, which at this point I have for the simple reason that the faster your truck can go, the more shit on it inevitably will break.

The steering servo crapped out almost immediately, (which at this point I understand is to be expected), so that was replaced, and in the time since, swingarms, and various suspension bits have been replaced as well. I hear that my motor will be the next thing to go (since having upgraded from a 2S to a 3S battery), which I’m ok with.

The bottom line is I wanted something that would be a good crawler, but could get after it and get a little bit of air off a sweet jump should I come across a fun little sender.

There are plenty of other models available either through Axial or any other company. Dont take my word for it. Read reviews, scan through the tons of videos at Amain and make an educated decision for what would work best for you.

Having now spent hours in the woods with nothing but this little toy and my imagination, I can vouch for it being one of the best investments I’ve made in my happiness since therapy.

Moving on from topics regarding keeping one’s heart and head together in upside-down times, to matters of a business-ie nature, I’d like to notify anyone who might be interested that I just took delivery of a batch of snappy new Snakehawk designed bandanas, or as I’ve coined them, the Thrøw Ragh;

Is your Thrøw Ragh related in anyway to the band of somewhat the same name?” you might have just asked”, but quite likely did not.

Well, you’re damned skippy it is;

Everything I assemble in the store is in tribute to something or other that I love, and this instance is no different.

So in the event that you have any number of bodily fluids you need to mop up at any given time, give the Thrøw Ragh a chance. It’s tagline is ‘at least it works a little better than a paper towel.

Please note- As of this very minute, I’m fixing to bounce out of town for a few days, so I promise to get your goods shipped first thing next week.

As always, I thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

Lastly, let’s hit the mail bag real quickly with a heads up and hello regarding finding fun in the great, white Midwest from Devin;


I got the opportunity Saturday night to go check out the Hiawatha Bowl here in Minneapolis. After spending the morning skating the local indoor 3rd Lair Skatepark with my partner in grind, I knew it was going to hard to motivate to go back out in the Bitter Weather;

It’s a well-known fact that it gets pretty cold and snowy here at times and the upper Midwest which can make rollerboarding extra difficult. Lucky for us there’s a number of indoor places and a number of endor key clubs like this one the Hiawatha;

These crazy plywoodbenders have been hiding out in this warehouse for the past 10 years. The evening’s events would be as follows skateboarding, beer-drinking gentle camaraderie, a time trial which would connect all points inside the warehouse and a best trick contest;

And somewhere in the middle all this a Band helping Blow the lid off the joint.

Skateboarding is alive and well in the 612, Thanks for the Party. Can’t wait get back in the Deep End.

Not having to deal with snow any longer, I can only empathize from a far for the plight of Devin and his cohorts but it seems like they’ve got it figured out far better than I do.

Meanwhile, I’m just over here running on the beach with my friends.

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2 Responses to “Charging into the week.”

  1. jp January 29, 2019 at 9:03 am #

    Went with the 1/18th scale Axial Yeti Jr as a means of dipping a toe in the swimming hole, kid and I already having tons of fun with that but in the vine-snaked southeast it gets tangled up a bit at that size. Still, at rate we use it probably will get the cost down to less than $1/minute pretty soon. That would be less than my beer tab.

  2. Devin Curran January 30, 2019 at 4:53 am #

    -57 outside thankful for indoor sk8boarding spots…