Pulling the ripcord.

Before I take my leave for at least the next several days, (in all honestly, I have no idea when I’ll be back at my computer, but it should definitely be before Thursday the 21st), to start, I would like to take a second and feature a short clip about a person who is not one a tremendous talent, but a tremendous human being as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Seth Rosko;

I was lucky enough to cross paths with Seth many years ago in Brooklyn, as an old friend of my wife’s was his neighbor there. We became fast friends, and I quickly learned that besides a talent behind a mill, he was an encyclopedia of stories and experiences.

I’m sad that the economy forced him to downsize and ultimately shutter his operation, but am encouraged that after he and his family enjoy their much needed walkabout, he can maybe get his touch, both literal and figurative, lit again.

And speaking of the art of frame building, to recap Tuesday’s post, there are some big doings here in the Northern part of California this weekend.

Of course the NAHBS circus is in town, and along with that will be a whole array of things to forget to do. Chief among them, our periodic SOPWAMTOS throw down at the world famous Blue Lamp Bar, where I just found our power will be cut at 11.:59 sharp;

It’s probably not a terrible thing, as we have to be up, at ’em, and on our bikes at some point the next morning.

An astute reader noticed that the FB link I included for information on the ride was a private group, which does one about as much good as a shampoo bottle full of gravy- (an adage I just now came up with, and if you prefer washing your hair with gravy, I apologize).

Having said that, I suppose the next best thing would be to grab Blue Collar Robert, who looks something like this;

Or any one of the Shimano Gravel darlings who look more or less like this;

-and ask them where the ride embarks from on Sunday.

We’ll be lurking at the show, and of course we’ll be at the party, so either will be a perfectly fine place for us to tell any interested parties that we don’t know.

One thing that I do know almost for sure, is that after months and months, and a whole lot of trial and error, I finally got my little truck all trimmed out, spiffed up, and running proper;

I just love that dumb little thing so much.

I even have a half a mind to bring it to Sac with me, and if I do, I’ll surely be found hiding from the show in a nearby pile of rocks.

Anyway, there are your marching orders, should you so choose to follow any of them.

It’s with all of this being said, I will now sign off to go eat some food, pack and bags, rip the cord, and float gently back to earth.

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  1. Trama March 15, 2019 at 8:38 pm #

    sopwamtos, shenanigans, lil truks, I’m in