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One for the weekend.

Oh my god, this is so dorky.

That said though, I have it on good authority that (based on the apparent increasing popularity of races such as this), the new Bomber’s radio has a tab on the steering wheel so that you can accelerate, steer, and run at the same time.

You can’t fool a fooler. This is all about driving with one hand, and drinking with the other

One for the weekend.

In my life, I have five all time favorite skateboard video clips. (Five and a half, technically).

Do you want to know what they are?

Of course you don’t.

In no particular order, they are as follows;

3) Lance’s opener in The Bones Brigade Video Show. *Honorable mentions* His SB Chronicles clip, and his Extremely Sorry clip.)

5) Nora Vasconcello’s rough cut.

1) John Lucero’s Fat Guy On A Curb. (Though Jason Adam’s ‘OJ wheels Slappy Hour promo‘ is close.)

2) Milton Martinez’s “¡DEMOLICIÓN!”.

And now, after over thirty years of being bored with skateboard videos, my heart is alight with Dead Dave’s clip for Heroin Skateboards (though to be fair, the entire video is delicious);

Thank you Heroin.