Something to keep the wheel spinning.

Starting off today’s post I feel compelled to post this video which has made me laugh consistently every single one of the (at least) twenty times I’ve watched it;

Oh my god, that’s so good.

And rest in peace, founding Drowning Pool member and vocalist Dave Williams. You sounded like a really nice person, and no offense was intended.

And speaking of new videos that have recently landed, if you’ve not watched the latest offering from OFF!, I encourage you to do so right now if not sooner;

Anything with David Yow, I’ll take part in.

I’ll be honest though- When I first heard that there was going to be a compilation of 53 bands doing Metallica tributes, I got really, really excited, and was ready to throw all of my money down to procure one. It was going to be mine, however, upon learning that of the 53 bands, there were only three that I cared about, my excitement turned to soul crushing apathy.

Not only that, but all 53 bands are doing covers exclusively off of the black album, which is arguably the first of the worst offerings from Metallica.

I mean, for the love of God- There are twelve versions of ‘Nothing Else Matters’?

Puh-leeze. I love that all proceeds are going to charity. Like, I really love it, but I’ll likely contribute directly to the cause, because this record is trash. The fact that Metallica’s career is still afloat is a testament to just how good their first four records were. And I’m willing to discuss ‘Death Magnetic‘. The jury is still out on it for me.

Anyway, Metallica’s philanthropy rules, OFF! rules, David Yow rules, the black album doesn’t rule, and if you disagree, that’s ok, because we’re all entitled to our own opinions, no matter how ridiculous they are.

And because we’re talking about David Yow, and I’m just posting videos so far today, have any of yinzers heard of, or seen a movie called ‘I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore’?;

It’s quite affirming;

Watch it tonight with someone you care about.

So, here’s a bit of disheartening news. Some folks might recall about two years ago when Voler said that they’d received a complaint about the moto style jersey I was doing with them, and were subsequently going to pull it from their site;

At that point I began hunting for a new manufacturer to work with, but because I’m lazy, I didn’t make much traction on that plan.

Eventually, they just moved the jersey to the bottom of my partner page, (from which they stripped all of my kits’ shorts without mentioning anything to me as well).

Ideally I was going to do a full WSRW kit with them, but with the departure of Voler’s former president, and an increasingly cold shoulder from the new powers that were, I had a sense that the clock on our relationship was ticking.

Well, it was about three months ago when I was told their entire partnership program was going to be done away with, but it wasn’t until last week when I submitted a jersey order that I was told it was finished entirely.

In a perfect world, I would have been given a specific date so I could have squeezed a few more jersey orders in, but I guess that’s just not how things work sometimes.

Anyway, I scrambled for a couple of days, and a bunch of cool folks who are either friends with kit manufacturers, or kit manufacturers themselves came out of the woodwork at a surprising rate. I was honored that so many folks perhaps assume that I’m some sort of actual business, and not just a random schlub sitting behind a computer in a flat he can barely afford. Ultimately, I really wanted to work with a company who makes their stuff in the US, which as you might guess is no small task. Finally, I circled back around to Podium Wear (who I’d initially chatted with when Voler was first threatening to take the jersey off the site), and they were still into creating something together.

Gluttons for punishment, obviously.

So at this stage, I’ve sent the various bits of design content that I still have on hand onto them, as well as a wish that we put a spin on the original design to make it radder. So, on one hand, I’m a little disappointed that Voler changed the locks without letting me know specifically when it was gonna happen. I’d hope that eleven years of relationship would be worth at least that, but taking business personally is like pissing into a bucket with no bottom, (an adage I just made up here on the spot). Unfortunately none of the zip up jersey designs I did with Voler will ever be available again, but out with the old and in with the new, you know?

So onward and upward, and they say. I’m excited to be working with Podium in a new capacity, and in turn, I thank them for being open to working with me.

And while we’re not at all on the topic of jerseys, I feel as though it’s my civic duty to help announce that The Todd Trainer Trio will be embarking on a tour of the western coast this coming fall;

I for one am looking quite forward to seeing live music again. I can’t say I’ve missed being around large groups of people, as that’s almost always aggravated me, but having my face melted has never been a bad thing.

Oh, and for those who might care, because I got skunked on my first 50th birthday party on account of that whole global pandemic thing, and subsequently moved from my home in the Bay Area, I had to reconfigure an entirely new vision for what the bash was gonna be. I’ve found a venue, and have nearly settled on a date. As for the band, I’m beyond honored to once again be joining forces with the best thing to come out of Portland since Poison Idea, the mighty Gaytheist.

The attentive among you might recall the review I penned last spring of their latest offering, ‘How Long Have I Been On Fire’;

Just so we’re on the same page, it’s still the best thing they’ve ever released.

Maybe keep your dance card open towards the end of September. We’re gonna do some drugs.

You know… Whatever it takes to keep the hamster occupied.

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3 Responses to “Something to keep the wheel spinning.”

  1. Jose Marin July 13, 2021 at 8:00 am #

    I always wondered why any hardcore death metal/punk/whathaveyou band would not make a song about puppies and flowers. It’s all so predictable.

  2. g July 13, 2021 at 9:58 am #

    came for the early AM quick fix with coffee love, but once again wasted hours on a wormhole tour.
    Thanks. Again…

  3. pilder July 14, 2021 at 5:23 am #

    the only thing worse than 12 Nothing Else Matters covers, is Metallica covering Bob Seger.