A rolling stone gathers no something, something.

Remember back in the olden times about five years ago before everything went upside down and I was traveling more than I wasn’t? Those were the days, but especially since Covid came along and sat on our collective heads, I haven’t done dick. However since the world is ending, I’ve decided that I might as well fuck off to some new corners which is what I’m doing now.

So last week I was in Long Beach, and as you’re reading these words right now, I’m on a plane en route to my beloved home state of Colorado where shenanigans await.

But for the hear and now, maybe you’d like a few snap shots of this most recent journey away;

I got to see my friends Sully, his mom and artist extraordinaire Kristen Ferrell, as well as all of their sweet animals;

I said goodbye to my homie, which as you can imagine was a bitter sweet affair;

Bill from Who Rides The Tiger and my old Ace Chris Pew, who together look something like a tore-back Nelson;

I made a pilgrimage to see the Scum Hole but due to the inspiration behind the spot’s name, got epically skunked;

And then I made a final couple of drawings as I returned home;

I’ll be in the office/studio long enough to do laundry, fill orders, and tie up a couple of loose ends, and then I’m off again.

In the meantime however, I’d like to direct your attention to the newest item in the All Hail The Black Market market;

How these came about was that my friend Josh Bobby was commenting on the shabby appearance of , Thrasher Magazine ‘skate goat’ hat. I explained since I got the stuntman hats made with the Yupoong 6160 , I’ve not found another hat that I liked better. Well, he got me a sample of the hats made by the company he was doing sales for at the time and I liked them a real lot, plus they were far more customizable than any other ‘custom hats’ from vendors I’d worked with previously, so I pulled the trigger, and signed the check, and I hope folks like them enough to help pull me back out of debt from paying for them;

If you’d like one on top of your own head, or even to see some of the hat’s bitchin details, all you have to do is go here.

Moving on to matters that matter, in a very sad turn of events, it’s come to my attention that an amazing human being, and my dear friend Bobby McMullen died last Monday;

It coulda been argued (and he would agree) that he should have died years ago, but due to his sheer strength, and almost otherworldly resilience, he kept on ticking, and everyone who ever was fortunate enough to cross his path was better for it;

Bobby is survived by his wife Heidi, and daughter Ella.

Dog speed, homie. I loved you dearly, and was proud to be your friend.

Unrelated, but holycraphaveyouseenthis?;

A couple of years ago, Joe Parkin (Has Nice Hair) pitched the idea of hiking the Colorado Trail with RC trucks, all the while adhering to the ‘no hand of God’ rule, (if you tip over, get stuck, etc., you have to use a winch). Then Covid hit, and the dream fell by the wayside.

At some point it occurred to me that 300 miles would actually be 3000 scale miles, so we reframed the plan to accommodate that, but still, neither of us have proper trucks, but this thing looks like just the trick.

Assuming I had over a grand to invest in it.

Again, unrelated to buying gigantic and prohibitively expensive toys, but it’s come to my attention that Dateline has recently done a feature on the murder of Mo Wilson;

Up until this point, all I knew of this story was the little bits and pieces I’d read about it in the months since Mo was so senselessly murdered.

I’m a sucker for true crime stories anyway, and this one fascinated me for obvious reasons. In all of my years in the the bicycle world, I’d never heard of something like this, so the story broke, I knew I smelled something super fishy. Now that I have a full scoop, I’m even more gutted for Mo, her friends, and her family. From a purely legal standpoint, it’s going to be interesting to see what ace Kaitlin Armstrong’s defense attorney implies he has up his sleeve, or if he’s a big a shyster as he seemed. I mean, I guess that’s the end goal- to present reasonable doubt?

Though it’s totally inconsequential as it relates to all of this, but between the Dateline story, and this article in the New York Times, it would appear as though this whole grabel thing is pretty well on the map.

Now, would you like to see a photo of AJ Nelson at Washington Street that might very well be one of the greatest skateboard photos ever taken?

You’re welcome.

Lastly, having spread all of these words around, and if you have any interest, I guess it’s now time to offer up the newest episode of Revolting;

Hopefully we’re hitting our stride with this one, and not actually peaking.

Now having pushed all of that out for consumption, like the rock I am, I will bid you farewell, and continue on with with my own personal roll.

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