Another day, another doll hair.

Man, this weekend didn’t go as I planned at all.

I had been invited by my friend Bob to come down to Portland to visit the Chris King HQ, and their annual open house. Alas, I was still testing positive on Saturday morning, my host whose driveway I’d planned on parking in was just getting over a bad bronchial infection, and on top of everything, his partner had come down with some bug Friday morning, so I scrapped it, and instead cleaned my house, filled orders, and drank seventeen gallons of margaritas.

Oh, and possibly most importantly, I FINALLY found a person who was willing to do a custom paint job on my new RC truck.

Do you remember this post when I’d mentioned I had contacted a person called Richard, better known as Pardon My nOOb about scratch building me a Fall Guy RC truck, because he makes badass shit like this;

Well, that plan ended up falling through (which was probably for the best, as I didn’t really have the insane amount of dough that it was going to cost anyway), and I continued on with my dream of one day having such a prize.

Then, about five or six weeks ago, Traxxas released their new K10, which is close enough for my purposes;

Anyway, I began hunting high and low for someone who could do my paint for me.

Why? You could probably do it” lots of my friends said.

While this may be true, I certainly couldn’t do it well, so my hunt for a professional continued until I found Robert who said he’d do it for me.

I’ve ordered an interior, a push bar, IPF lights, a tiny me, a little winch, and am just waiting for roll bars to be available from Traxxas, then at that point I should just about be good to go.

Oh my god… My nerdiness is unparalleled. Really, it’s all just a ploy to distract me from my paralyzing sadness.

Moving on to other topics, I got an email from Laura over there at Soulrun about some new shenanigans she’s got cooking in her camp;

Hey Stevil!!

I hope you’re having a lovely Fall so far.?I remember you were out here a few years ago at this time, that was sooo fun!

Come on back, we miss you!

Anyways I have a quite few new things in the shop including some exciting dog collar/leash sets, as well as many new belts;

Would you mind sharing ? As always I appreciate it very much. Ok, things are good here. Summer says hi! 🙂 Talk to you soon!!

Love always,
Laura , Summer, Bandit, Harley and Archie

I’m a big fan of those belts, and ride with one on the regular. I encourage you to place an order with Soulrun, if for no other reason than to keep Laura’s ever-growing collection of dogs in an adequate amount of kibble and toys.

In news of riding bikes, and goofing off with your friends in the woods, lookie what I just came across;

Are you aware of the HFF, and while doing it, all the millions of ways to do the hijinx?

Let me say from experience that the Fall Fest is likely one of the best times I’ve ever had while on a bicycle.

If you like bikes, and nice people, and fire, and food, and brisk temperatures, and doing drugs, and also maybe drinking in the woods, then you’d likely enjoy yourself, and I encourage you to make yourself present;

You shan’t be sorry.

Moving on to other matters, and to close out today’s effort- Would you like to listen to the newest episode of Revolting?

Of course you maybe wouldn’t, but there you go anyway.

I can almost probably promise you that it’s more than enough to blow your hair gone.

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  1. morgan October 18, 2022 at 10:02 am #

    Lessons I learned from paint matching my tiny truck. The paint part is straight forward, masking though, is a frustrating pain in the ass.