I’ve given up on giving up.

No more are the days of bike, skateboard, Dan Glenzig, and art related anecdotes that meander and go nowhere. Starting last week, All Hail The Black Market is now 100% exclusively focused on hard hitting band interviews.

Perhaps you recall Last week when I posted the first in a series of one question band interviews in which I asked ’68 about their dry cleaning bills.

Well, I’m maintaining that head of steam this week when I asked The Schizophrenics‘ frontman Pat Beers an equally hard-hitting query;

All Hail The Black Market: Did you take gymnastics when you were young?

Pat: No.

If you’ve not seen the band in question, I strongly encourage it for the well-being of both your heart and soul;

I shot a machine gun amount of photos, but due to a hyperactive fog machine, I’ll be damned if nearly all of them weren’t terrible;

Unfortunately, all of the photos I took of drummer Lety Beers came out even worse than all the rest of my bad photos, but trust me when I say she’s an absolute monster.

Piss-poor interviews and my astonishing gift at doing things utterly half assed reminds me of one I did with Cows’ singer Shannon Selberg for a fanzine I did back in 1992, which is equally enthralling;

And yes- I realize I misspelled ‘they’re’. I was in a rush as I was writing as he was talking, and I will never live it down.

As is the one we did with Apollo 9 and Petey-X from Rocket From The Crypt outside of their van at 924 Gilman Street the same year;

I can’t believe I don’t have a Pulitzer yet.

Now, having covered about all that there is to cover with that, I’d like to present this video I stumbled across over the weekend, which in my opinion is a fine example,e of art that doesn’t suck;

The artist’s name is Jordan Persegati and with his particular brand of visual output, I think I may’ve found my favorite thing, ever.

Now, as I close out today’s post, I would like to present you the very newest episode of Revolting 78, in which we have a discussion with the enigmatic Amanda K. Bryan;

It’s been a fun thing bringing in the occasional special guest host, and I hope that folks who tune in enjoy our efforts.

And with that, I will now give up for another day.

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  1. Dirty Randy May 23, 2023 at 6:28 am #

    This…Bobby Fingers…more please…..