Just a pinch.

Starting today off right, I will briefly reference last week’s Revolting, and my music pick of the week called Djunah.

In the event that you didn’t follow my directive, I’ll embed a recent live performance for your listening and viewing pleasure;

Holy smokes, they are so good.

That opening track is in a word, blistering.

I haven’t yet actively pushed a band after a music pick from the podcast, but I’m in love with these guys.

As I said in the aforementioned episode, they’re currently on tour so in the event that you get to catch them live, I strongly encourage it.

That is unless you have terrible taste in music, then you might want to sit this one out.

Related to that sorta, but not really, did yinzers hear that after a decade of silence, The Hives are coming back with a new record, and just dropped the single ‘Bogus Operandi;

And if high test rock and roll is your bag, then you might be also interested in the fact that ’68 just signed to Pure Noise Records and also have a new single for our eyeballs and ear holes;

Oh, wait- you say you’re unfamiliar with ’68?
Time to get acquainted;

Robot turned me onto them about a year and a half ago, and in the time since, I’ve adopted them wholly as my own.

Anyway, with all of this new music, it’s a fine time to be a person with exquisite musical sensibilities such as ours.

In news of breaking myself off in all of the ways- I mentioned last week that while engaging in some fun skratebroarding, my back foot slipped off the board, planted on the ground, sending me into some splits, and a lateral hyperextension of the leg I blew up in 2015.

There were two distinct pops when I went down, followed by a thin, albeit inescapable veil of sadness. It turns out my ACL, MCL and meniscus are once again (partially) torn. I won’t know specifics until I get a chance to chat with an ortho.

There are some heavy minuses in the wake of this incident, the most emotionally painful of which is that I had to cancel a trip to Moab where I was gonna do a boatload of mountain bicycling with Joe and Laura from Soulrun, the photographic evidence for which would have likely looked a lot like this;

And between Laura and me, I suspect the town’s margarita supply would have been badly dented, but as it’s said, everything happens for a reason, so I’m not crying too badly now that the horse has already spilt the milk, or however that adage goes.

Now at this juncture, I’d like to introduce this badass right here;

This is Ashley from Cosmic Dirt. She’s good in a whole lot of ways, but the reason I bring her up now is because she was integral in the completion of the very newest episode of Revolting.

We sat, we chatted, we laughed, and we discussed all of the most important things;

It’s the first that we’ve done with a guest since whichever episode it was that we previously did with Amanda K. Bryan, and I’m gonna say it’s way better than bad.

At least by a pinch.

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  1. naptownchris May 9, 2023 at 9:51 am #

    Ashley has ROCKETED up my list of favorite people since you introduced her to me a while back. I pretty much always wish Revolting was a little longer every week, but this one in particular could’ve been twice the length it was and kept me entertained the whole time. Bad luck on the knee situation. Posi healing vibes for you, good sir.