I’m so excited.

Why, you ask? Because it’s Tuesday? Because I’m one day closer to the grave? Because it hurts more each day to just get out of bed? Yes to all of those things, but most especially because I get to share another day with you, the devoted All Hail The Black Market audience, which if I’m honest continues to be one of the very brightest spots in my life.

Another example of a thing that brings me joy is this Dirt Rag interview with Amanda Batty that I originally featured in this post;

As I told her recently, it was about this time that I decided I wanted to be friends with her.

She’s still as much of a wonderful pain in the ass as ever.

Moving on with other matters- If you have a penchant for 7″ records ranging from soul, to sludge, to metal, to punk rock, to R&B, you’re likely not going to want to miss the following freakout;

This is going down tonight, and as I noted on the flyer, I will have copies of the signed and numbered Nowhere Fast book that Chris McNally and I put out a few months ago;

There will be drinks to drink, and if you hadn’t heard, The Cabin has recently changed up their menu and now serve smash burgers (meat and vegan options are both available) which are getting absolutely rave reviews.

In fact one guy came one night and asked if we were still serving food. I said unfortunately the kitchen was closed, but I directed him to a late night eatery up the street. He said “oh, I’m not super hungry, I just really want one of your burgers“.

They’ve been called addicting more than once, so even if you don’t care for the music or the books, at least you’ll have that.

Now then- In an attempt at circling the proverbial wagons, as I occasionally do I’d like to shine a spotlight on a fella who finds himself in need.

Uttara reached out with the following scoop;

Hey Stevil,

Hope you are well! Aside from the FBC, this man (Jason Coleman) was a huge mentor for my mountain biking. I know you don’t likely know him, but thought maybe you could help by spreading the word that he needs help? Thank you sir!

The crazy shit is that we’ve been talking more in the last few months than in the last 14 years that I’ve been out of STL and in the PNW.

I hope that Jason gets the support he needs, and on a personal note, seeing billions of dollars of financial support get happily earmarked for military efforts (or the estimated 6.5 million dollars the recent rich guy sub rescue mission’s been estimated to cost), while we’re all just sitting around with a spare change cup in an effort to survive might just very well be one of my personal ‘Falling Down’ moments.

Finally, for no other reason than to clear my mental pallet, here’s a photo of a bride-to-be baby birding some of her drink into my mouth as a challenge in her bachelorette party that I happened to stumble into;

As it always is, in the odd event that winning finds me, it’s generally when I fall ass-first into it.

Anyway, before I moonwalk out of here with both middle fingers raised, I’d like to direct your attention to the brand new episode of Revolting;

Personally I’m happier with this episode than anything we’ve done thus far.

If that’s not worthy of being excited about, then I’ve got nothing.

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2 Responses to “I’m so excited.”

  1. Logan June 28, 2023 at 1:16 pm #

    This blog is the grossest, musicest, bikest, skatest, feelingest, outsidest, nicest, bestest blog. Thanks, dude!

  2. Jose June 28, 2023 at 11:34 pm #

    More upbeat. It’s all about neuroplasticity.