Happy ‘we can’t grow additional fingers’ day.

Here in America, today we’re celebrating our independence from a regime of real jabronis. Not like what we currently living under, mind you. As a part of said celebration, we shoot bombs into the air which explode, and terrorize veterans, as well as domestic and wild animals alike. It’s pretty sweet.

Anyway, I’m doing a real quickie here so as to maximize my time away from doing work stuff, and doing non-work stuff, but I would be remiss not to mention the passing of The Hot Snakes’, The Obits’, Pitchfork’s, and Drive Like Jehu’s own Rick Froberg;

Photo courtesy of John Whittaker

Having read all manner of tributes, the following written by Scott McCloud (GVSB) resonated most beautifully;

Tribute to my friend Rick Froberg:
So saddened by this news it does not compute. An extraordinarily talented musician and artist. I love his lyrics, and the way he sang them, with his heart on his sleeve and a dry devious wit. With style, and natural charisma. I’ll cherish all the times we got to hang out, in Brooklyn, or San Diego. In Greece, or playing together at Tocnik Castle in Czechia. I always looked forward to seeing him. He was an excellent conversationalist and we shared a lot about the experiences in our lives. He did so with humility and without pretension, always. I will miss him dearly as we all will.
Most heartfelt & sincere condolences to his family and friends (so many of which we share in common) – thinking of you all.

I don’t get all weepy-eyed and hero worship-ie when people exit this mortal coil, but man, between his visual output and the auditory assault he’s been waging on my ears for decades, his absence will be deafening.

As I said elsewhere, I never got the chance to thank him, but I have a suspicion he knew.

In news of business stuff, Erik from PDW hollered at us with some very important news;


Happy Friday! Long week. I’ve attached a new ad for ya for the new Rattlesnek cage, and if you could link it to here that’d be most appreciated;

Also, I guess we’ve been around for fifteen years? Here’s a blog I wrote up about it;

I believe you were the MC at Circulus plus wrote the Bike Mag article so thought you might dig peeping that video again.


Fifteen years… Holy cats. If PDW and I had a baby upon their inception, they’d be a surly freshman who never listens to us about anything.

Having said that, I need to close out by directing your attention to the 84th installment of Revolting;

Let your fingers do the walking, ’cause God know’s you’ll be keeping them.

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