New week, new us.

Well, well, well… Here we are again, ready for a whole face full of meat.

First things first- have any of yinzers gotten the news that last weekend Geno from One On One Studio did the 40 mile entirety of the Chequamegon mountain bike race on a recently refurbished Bridgestone XO-!?

It was this very bike that he rode to victory at the very same race in 1993;

Do you like apples? Well, then how about those?

Oh, and you don’t know about the Chequamegon you say?

I got you, fam;

Ho-ly cats, that’s just about some of the coolest stuff I’ve heard about in a long time.

When the news first came down that this was his plan, I was skeptical he could pull it off. This serves as a reminder to never, ever doubt Geno.

Without much hope I texted him early yesterday morning to ask if (for the benefit of those of us who weren’t there to see it in person), he might happen to have come across a quality action shot from this most recent feat, to which he replied thusly;

I found this while I was there too.“;

For those who don’t know Geno, this exchange pretty much sums him up.

In other news relating to bike races, some knuckle dragger named Mike reached out looking for a bit of sponsorship help for an event that they’re putting together in November;

Is it a race? Is it a rally? Is it a mash/rip with a side of shred?

I dunno exactly, but one thing I can say for sure is that I sent an overstuffed envelope full of crap to him, some of it can be yours if you show up, and none of it will be if you don’t.

Finally, even though I made mention of it at the beginning of the month, the new ’68 is soon to be out, and is still available for pre-order here;

I do loves me some good new rock and roll, though this one’s got me sweating through my suit in anticipation.

Now in closing as I regularly do, I will now present for your consumption the brand newest and 96th episode of Revolting;

New us, new post, new week, as well as a new episode, and all without a face covered in bologna.

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  1. Dan C Ingqueen September 27, 2023 at 11:43 am #

    You mentioned Athens – lovely place, but what Patton says here is so true - – I found out the hard way when I moved to Robot’s neck of the woods @ 43yo. Trails here are pretty swell though when you’re not freezing your capers off.