I’ve returned from adventures with tales to tell.

As I briefly mentioned previously, I split town to the southland for a breather, and to see one of my favorite bands in the land.

So, as soon as I got to town I fucked off to meet up with my homie Bepy at Fall Brewing where the aforementioned band had just gotten their own beer released;

As generally repelled as I am by Snickers beer, I gave it a crack anyway, and it was actually pretty tasty.

After hanging out at the joint for a while I bailed out and prepared for the following day which promised to be a full one.

Firstly, my pal Miki (who works for a company that among other things, builds skateparks) had to go do an assessment and meet three of the principals at the Encino velodrome to figure out just what would be involved in bringing it back to it’s original luster;

I remember being a young lad and seeing photos of the BMX track that used to sit in the infield. It was fun being there and relishing this place so steeped in cycling history. After a spell, we headed northwest-ward, but not before swinging by and visiting the original Batcave;

-Which I naturally broke into;

It’s definitely getting lost to the sands of time, but I was glad to finally see such hallowed ground after so many years of being a fan of the show.

Having that under our belt, we jumped back on the freeway. As we drove along, Miki pointed the Chevron station where Lance filmed his night time session in the first Bones Brigade video Show, in what (according to me) was one of the raddest video parts in history;

In time, we then made our way to the Berrics to hang out for a spell at a women’s/girl’s/adaptive skate competition;

The best thing I witnessed was a little girl, maybe six years old, skating a bank on the other side of the platform where I took the previous the overview shot. At one point she skated up, and did a frontside boneless, missed the landing, but landed on the board on her butt, and rode away. With a huge smile on her face she looked around to see if anyone saw her. She didn’t catch my gaze, but I saw, and from my perspective, she won the day.

From that point, we headed to a show called ‘Creatives and Collectors’ to get Christian Hosoi to sign a deck for a raffle to benefit Ohio’s Dodge Skatepark, and while I was there, I slapped hands with a few legends;

Time was getting on and we had to get back to SD to catch the rock and roll show, and as usual, they didn’t disappoint;

After getting this quick shot, my phone went right back in my pocket, where it stayed for the remainder of the night.

To say that my cup runneth over and that my heart was so full it was in danger of bursting would both be grave understatements. I have to thank Miki for always being a consummate tour guide, and Brooke for being the best hostess ever;

As the curtain began to fall on my time there, I scheduled drinks with my friends Aly and Bepy, where we began formulating the following day’s miniature golf adventure;

Both of these stars have been visited by cancer in the last two years (breast for Bepy, and colon for Aly), and I’m so happy to mention they both emerged victorious against it.

To have been witness to their battles, every exchange, and seeing their community and friends rally around them has been a really beautiful, albeit heart-wrenching thing, and I sent them a text a couple of days ago telling them how proud I was of them.

It’s an easy thing to say, but a hard thing to remember- Tell your friends and family that you love them every opportunity you have.

Lastly, it’s my honor to present the hundred and first episode of Revolting;

It’s sure to be an adventure all unto itself.

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