Just another day in a frozen wasteland.

So, the other evening a gaggle of us went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate the birthday of one ‘Poo Shoe’ Joe Hamilton;

Here in Canada’s Tijuana, we, like most places in the North Americas are experiencing one humdinger of an arctic blast. Having grown up in Colorado, I’m not a stranger to the cold, but as the temps dipped to -26˚my ride home was fraught with peril, and for the first time I ever seriously considered that I might die. Obviously this wasn’t the case, as I’m writing these words right now, but it had its moments.

I also realize that -26˚ is balmy by midwest standards, but if I didn’t start today’s post with this anecdote I’d have nothing.

Anyway, bring your cats and dogs inside, and if you don’t, you’re a baby dick loser.

In news of battle vests (like anything else matters) I would like to A) again mention that back patches are in stock;

And B), as I have begun assembling my new battle vest, I have been on a fever-pitch hunt for one that I have on my old battle vest, which is proving to be a bit difficult to procure;

Why I didn’t buy a whole bakers dozen of these when I got a chance will forever remain a mystery.

If anyone could help direct me to the source, I’d really appreciate it.

Worse case scenario, I’ll just get some made for myself and a few close friends.

Now then- For the four wheeled dorks in the mix, do any of yinzers ever listen to the Talkin’ To Schmit podcast?

Yes? No? Both?

Well, then I encourage you to dig into the new episode in which he discusses all matters under the sun with legend Keith Meek;

You best believe I listened to every second, and counted all of the F bombs;

Apparently I was incorrect in my count.

Funny thing is last Wednesday I shot Keith a message in the IGs and told him to give a number, which her did, so I texted him and about two hours later he called me in a panic asking me questions like “where did I used to live?” and “what’s my wife’s name?” and “where did we used together?” because he was sure I was a scammer, and during that two hour gap between me texting him and his calling me, he’d completely his mind trying to change all of his passwords.

Funny stuff indeed.

But anyway, if you have a penchant for history and surfing, and skateboarding and punk rock, and surfpunkskatehistory, don’t sleep on this, because it’s solid.

In news of the bike industry’s white-hot efforts to run itself into the ground I offer yet another example of planned obsolesce by design, which the attentive among us might recall I was still railing against thirteen years ago.

last week I debuted my brand new and woefully crappy looking Squid So-Ez;

Well, Greg from Donkelope brazed in a couple of eyelets in the fork;

-and I with my brand mew BSA 30 BB in hand, I was cooking with gas, at least until I discovered that my crank spindle was too short;

So, for one bike I needed a new BB, a new BB tool, and a new set of cranks. I realize I got off easy because when I broke my All City, they offered me a new frame set which would have meant a new seatpost, wheel set, drive train, headset, and brakes…. All because I broke the dropout.

The amount of trash that this industry generates is staggering, and if it had any self awareness, it should be ashamed of itself, which at this stage only goes as far as savoring the smell of its own farts.

The only standard is non-standard.

One thing that will warm up my cold dead heart is a new WHORES video, which debuted just one second ago;

Keep your eyes peeled for a host of celebrity cameos.

You heard it here first, or possibly second.

Finally, in closing I’d like to offer up the brand newest and 110th episode of Revolting;

We do a deep dive into barfing, and clothes, and everything else your day to day can’t live without.

Because if you freeze to death, you should at least look good.

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3 Responses to “Just another day in a frozen wasteland.”

  1. Devin January 16, 2024 at 8:36 am #

    Talking Schmit 👊🏽

  2. Sean January 18, 2024 at 11:14 am #

    Not sure if you’re following Dakar or care at all, but Guillaume De Mevius has gone full AHTBM Stuntman Association on his Toyota and his race suit.

    • Stevil January 20, 2024 at 1:14 am #

      I’ve seen a couple of photos. It’s pretty rad.