New day, new dumpster fire.

Hello, and good day.

Holy cow what a clusterfrack of a week/weekend.

Not to garner any sympathy, as our realities are what we make them, but with stage one of knee surgery looming, and needing to squirrel as much money away as I can, I foolishly signed on to pull two closing shifts this weekend, and predictably got my ass absolutely handed to me.

The chaos that occurs at my bar nearly every single weekend anymore reminds me of a story my friend Jason Phillips told me shortly after he and his wife first had their daughter Oona.

Jason is as even keel as they come, and seemingly rarely gets phased by anything, but at some point when she was in her twos, Jason noted that as soon as he got used to all of the startling sounds, mood swings, and generally unpredictable mayhem from his little girl, she would ramp it up, and knock him off kilter in new, and wholly disconcerting ways.

My time at the bar has been a lot like that.

No sooner do I become accustomed to the absolute swirling maelstrom, does it explode in astonished different directions.

But I’ve not yet been stabbed, punched, strangled, or shot, and as I knock on wood, recognize this as a very good thing indeed.

No sooner to I finish typing these words, do I come across the following video;

Seriously, man… Say what you will about cops in general, but in this instance, their patience really is a virtue.

Moving on- Recently while perusing my photo collection, I found this photo of GenO and a fixie famous® kid named Jason just after getting utterly smoked at a PDW circles race in Vegas;

I loved witnessing this, as Jason, the poster boy for all things Macaframa/Slate at the time was as cocksure as they come. He confidently led Gene out for however many laps they were supposed to do and very patiently, Gene stayed on his wheel, until the final half lap, when he dropped the hammer, and flicked him at the line.

It was a glorious thing indeed, and the previously arrogant young rider sulked away with his tail between his legs, someone snapped this photo.

There was another one of Gene with his trophy, and Jason looking even sadder, but I was unable to find it.

I hadn’t heard much about him until I recently posted the photo in my IG stories, only to come to find he got waxed by a train just a few years ago.

Dang, man… That’s a wild development. It just goes to further confirm the life long lesson of looking both ways before crossing any sort of traffic.

For those unfamiliar with the Circulus’ origin, I encourage you to go back to the very beginning;

The beast was an absolute gas to ride, and while it was no Human Powered Roller Coaster, it was still real fun nonetheless.

Now, to wrap up today’s effort as I have over and over again the last couple years, I’m proud to present Revolting’s 118th episode;

While we’re looking down the barrels of both a new day, as well as a new dumpster fire, you can bet your last dollar that you’ll get the same old us.

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2 Responses to “New day, new dumpster fire.”

  1. Smokestack March 12, 2024 at 10:05 am #

    HPRC was one of the things that got me wanting to work as a courier. Everything I read about those events in Bike or zines just said ‘kinfolk’.

  2. Cross Wizard March 13, 2024 at 7:59 am #

    Fixie was the only one there that didn’t see that coming. RIP Fixie and Circulus.