Whatever, nevermind.

What were we talking about again?

So, these days I’m clearly obsessed with my new mountain bike, so with each accessory that arrives, I feel compelled to show it off.

I don’t know why Frank (the fella from whom I procured it) chose to adorn the bike with all silver and black bits (which I approve of) and one purple bit (which I don’t), but he did.

Well, last week I called my friends at Paul Component to look into a procurement of a silver one, which looks real cool like this;

And with it on. it looks real cool like this;

Man, am I enamored with this big dumb bike. It’s so simple, and boring, but I sure do feel handsome while I’m aboard it.

Relating to this, Ken reached out with a note describing his own current flirtation with his return to single life;

I don’t live in a place with as large hills as you and still use a bigger rear coggie.

Either way, interesting to see you getting out on the single monkey, makes me think I should do the same.

Alas, perhaps this bike will come down out of the rafters; maybe not;

Either way, appreciate the inspiration.


People finding reclaimed excitement in blowing out their knees and backs is a good thing and I’m here for it.

Moving on to some business-ie related mumbo jumbo- I just got word from the top that our friends at Portland Design Works has some pretty cool stuff that just dropped, most notably a new handlebar bag;

-And a new hip bag/fanny pack/whatever you choose to call it;

While I’ve never found a use for handlebar bags, the kids go ape shit for them, though as a newly indoctrinated disciple of hip bags/fanny pack/whatever you choose to call it, I’m pretty excited for PDW’s latest offering, and perhaps a slew of yinzers might be as well.

Now then, I’m curious if folks have seen the following performance of eight year old Kinsley Murray doing whatever this is;

I feel sad for her, but to an equal degree am also astonished at how unrelentingly bad this was.

I presume her parents, vocal coach, whoever green lighted the performance to begin with, as well as the team of people who were all responsible for a pre-game soundcheck have ears?

I mean, good for her for trying, but she’ll likely never live it down.

Now at the conclusion of today’s wholly inspired effort, it’s my pride to present the very newest episode of Revolting;

Is it good? Is it bad?

It’s both, whatever, or nevermind.

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2 Responses to “Whatever, nevermind.”

  1. Yafro March 5, 2024 at 9:34 am #

    excellent to see you riding and enjoying the v1 km. a lot of me in that design.

    I bet that kid can sing great. if she’s like my kid she’s just having fun and messing with her parents.

    • Stevil March 7, 2024 at 5:06 am #

      I totally forgot this happened during your tenure. I love to have this still in the family.